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Category: sols

Real Life Now (SOLS)

Today it is grey. The weather has turned (at least for now) and the leaves rustle gold and rust under my feet. My thoughts swirl like the autumn breeze and I wonder if, maybe, this season is my favorite. I think about the beef and noodles that will fill our bowls and the Honeycrisp apples ready to crunch for dessert. My mind twirls the places of the week. Soccer fields and Scout hall and church and football fields and after school pick up. I wonder how we will ever keep… Read more Real Life Now (SOLS)

hannah’s emergency (soLs)

I’m writing. Sam is next to me watching a video about how planes fly. Hannah is on the other end of the couch reading, “The best book I’ve ever read in my entire life.” The others are at sports’ practices. “Oh no! I have an emergency! I don’t know what I’m going to do!” Hannah’s panic breaks everyone’s concentration. “What’s the matter?” I ask. “I don’t want to stop reading, but I have to go to the bathroom soooo bad. Like really bad! But I can’t put this book down.”… Read more hannah’s emergency (soLs)

change is coming (sols)

I returned to school cold turkey this year.No candle.No chili.No new school shoes. Nothing. Two days before my first day this conversation happened: Andy: You go to school on Monday? Like two days from now?Me: Yes.Andy: No…you have to be joking around. You really go to school on Monday?Me: I’m not joking. Monday I start school.Andy: Where did the summer go? I’m not sure, becauseĀ I didn’t let go of summer at all. But it’s gone. I don’t think I’d do it differently, because even though I didn’t transition, the kids… Read more change is coming (sols)