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mission STORY

Too many irons in the fire. This is a phrase I’ve heard most of my life. I started hearing it as a child. My mom’s voice has stayed with me and, now, decades later, I still hear her voice. Too many irons in the fire.I hear it when I think about my writing life. I play with many different writing projects. I like to think of it as playing. I don’t have to be serious. Writing isn’t my livelihood. I write for fun. I write for me and for them and for… Read more mission STORY

1400 miles in 81 hours

I love to think of Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into one big holiday season of gratitude and merriment and exceptionally good stuff.  I love to slow down during this time of the year. Not that I actually get to slow down, but I adjust my mindset in order to slow down. However, this year the season has started off as a whirlwind and I’m trying to figure out how to s l o w  d o w n my favorite time of the year. In 81 hours we… Drove 1400… Read more 1400 miles in 81 hours

fog delay

Writing Slice of Life stories together early in the morning. The Call comes after my shower, after my makeup, after my shoes are on my feet. If I’m honest, this is the best time to get The Call. The fog is thick, altering my course of the day. Forcing me to stay home for a few hours. Like a rolling marquee the tasks march through my head. Schedule teacher meetings. Dig through school email. Finish that punctuation unit outline. Make anchor chart for kindergarten. Throw in a load of laundry.… Read more fog delay

writer goals

Until yesterday, I never really thought about the goals I have as a writer. I know this seems a little strange (at least to me) considering I started this blog to document my writing life. I do have goals (and they are different than pipe dreams), but I’ve never really stated them in black and white. Regardless, I seem to stay committed to them, but it still seems worthwhile to write them down. Write 1000 words every day. Keep a writer’s notebook alongside students. Keep a writer’s notebook for my… Read more writer goals

hello november

Hello snugglesHello cuddlesHello singing in the Christmas choirHello fireAnd the bare treesHello slippersHello coversHello seasonsAnd hello mittensHello backward clocksAnd hello socksHello piles of leavesAnd hello long sleevesHello bootsAnd hello owl hootsHello early snowsAnd hello to the noseRed from a tissueHello wind and greyHello slower daysHello November {I used Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown as a mentor for this little poem. It was fun to try to match the structure, but you must know it really stretched me. Rhyme is not something that is easy or natural for me.} Join us… Read more hello november

i am so blessed.

In the past two weeks I know people who have been having a hard time. A mother was checked into a behavioral health hospital because life is too overwhelming for her. A marriage is unraveling. A home was broken into, valuables stolen. A man was diagnosed with cancer and will have surgery. A child had seizures and the doctors don’t know why or if it will happen again. A high school senior’s boyfriend cheated on her. She was the last to know. A son went to jail. A single mom… Read more i am so blessed.