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Daughter Redefined

Five feet.Three inches.125 pounds.Ten years old. Andy gave her a nickname.I was mortified when he suggested it,Thought it was offensive.Of course, She loves it. Boss. It’s not something she would want you to call her, but us — the ones who share a house and breathing space with her — we’re allowed to use it. I don’t use it. Boss. What mother wants her little girl to be called Boss?Sweet.Tender.Gentle. These are the words to describe a daughter. But not this daughter.She defines herself. Strong.Demanding.Bold.Confident.Self-Assured. Boss. She’s redefined my vision.… Read more Daughter Redefined


A hug is the number one mood booster among men and women. I heard this fact on the radio today and it gave me pause. Whenever our kids get frustrated or angry or start sliding down into the land of no-self-control, we ask them: Do you want a hug. Sam always takes the offer. Always. Growing up with endless hugs must make it easy to take one even when you’re grumpy or angry or frustrated. The other kids have learned to take the offer. Hannah learned the fastest. It took… Read more hugs