1. Yes, I have to agree with Carol. Take care of YOU. Take a day for YOU. I learned this lesson all too well over the last couple of weeks. Time to slow it down, be alone in the peace of your home, pray, and take time for you (which by the way can include writing then!). Hope you are feeling better … and soon!

  2. Ah, the old fall cold. Sorry for the 'wimpy, woozy, whiny' (my favorite). Next time, when you feel it coming, use Zicam-I think it works great! And thanks for your terrific sense of humor!

  3. I love this poem, especially the alliteration! It will make a great mentor poem. Maybe it's time to succumb to the enticements of the sandman, drop that writing pen, and snooze!

  4. Few words, but a perfect picture of your condition and determination.
    Responding two days later I hope that you are feeling better already.

  5. I like your “W's.” Wasn't there a story about a monkey who was wimpy? You showed it to me. One of your favorites. I would sleep and dream of my next piece………………..