12 wedding anniversaries (soLs)

On July 3, Andy & I celebrated 
our 12th wedding anniversary.

Several years ago I thought it would be fun to document how we celebrated each anniversary. I’ve fallen embarrassingly behind. So in an attempt to catch up with this cool little album, I’m making a list of each celebration.

2000 — A weekend in Indy.
2001 — Late night snack at Applebees.
2002 — Movie Matinee: Mr. Deeds with Adam Sandler.
2003 — Movie Matinee: Incredible Hulk.
2004 — 5 years! An afternoon of shopping.
2005 — Adoption paperwork + lasagna at home.
2006 — Carry out from a local bar that has the very best steaks — grilled over charcoal.
2007 — Andy served on a mission team building an orphanage in Peru, South America.
2008 — Colorado for a cousin’s wedding.
2009 — 10 years! Went to the Dunes with our kids + our friends’ kids because they were in Ethiopia helping missionaries and adopting two children. We also put in a new door to the deck, and painted our bedroom, bathroom, hallways, and kids’ bathroom.
2010 –Andy returned to Peru, South America with a mission team.
2011 — Helped Andy’s mom since she had surgery this week.

As I made this list, I realized the way we spend our time defines us. The most memorable anniversaries were the ones we helped others. This is how I want to spend more of our time: doing things that help others know they are loved.

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  1. Just being together is the best part. Your album will be special, showing those years of your life, and I imagine, too, that it will be great for your children to see.

  2. Oh, how precious an idea. I love it and I love the fact that you leave this legacy for your children. I wish I had documented what we have done. I can't have regrets but I can start now! I know that helping others is the key to happiness and joy! I know there is a difference between the two. You have shown me so much! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week! Happy slicing!:o) Enjoy your anniversary and may you have many many more!You are a blessing!

  3. Happy 12! Hope you enjoy helping others again this year, but take some time just the two of you too! You deserve to celebrate!

  4. Mmmm. Wish I'd kept some record of how we spent anniversaries. It is a nice slice to have recorded!
    Congratulations and many, many more! Keep the joy.

  5. This list reminds me of the way your birthday words helped define who you are. Even more special than the list is the reflection you had as a result of looking at the compiled information. There is something about working together to help others that brings my husband and I closer, so I think I might know what you mean.