{discover.play.build.} holidays

Happy 4th! (photo: 2006)

Last night I was sitting on the balcony off my bedroom watching fireworks with my family. The kids heard the booms from their beds and got up to investigate. Sam tip-toed downstairs and peeked out the front window: “Fireworks! Yes! We can see them!” and then, a whisper, “I gotta tell the girls!” Back upstairs he hurried and we heard the door open to the girls’ bedroom.

What other choice did we have than to sit outside and watch local fireworks? From our vantage point we caught three shows. We were far enough away that the booms, blasts, and sizzles lagged behind the colorful, glittery pops. And I found myself thinking about some characters I’ve been discovering.

{discover. play. build.} Naturally you can play in your notebook with your own experiences or use this idea to get to know your characters better or springboard into a poem or…the possibilities are endless!

  • What is your character’s favorite holiday? Why is this holiday a favorite? 
  • Make a list of words associated with this holiday. 
  • What are the traditions surrounding this holiday? 
  • Who else celebrates this holiday with the character? 
  • Try writing a scene showing the character enjoying a favorite part of the holiday.

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  1. Great prompt. Lots of possibilities. I've been playing with the different questions and will probably continue to do throughout the week.

    I have to say, even after writing in my notebook over the past couple of weeks, I'm starting to see the notebooks I have my students keep in a whole different way. Thanks for the inspiration. (I'm also trying to comment more on the blogs I read. 😉 )

  2. I just did my slice about unexpectedly being able to watch fireworks from my sister's house last night when I did not think we were going to be able to see any this year. It was a fun treat!

    I love your question prompts for today as well.