preparing (sols)

I purposely waited to write my slice. I considered preposting, but instead, I wanted to write it in real-time, at the end of the day, from my in-law’s lake house. Then the magic of the lake wrapped around me and I didn’t have a single moment to write.

We drove. Nine hours, south and east. Just the kids and me, plus our babysitters, Noah and Krisy. I didn’t know fleeing could feel freeing.

We arrived. Hugs around and swim suits on. They couldn’t wait to jump in. Except the youngest. He just needed a fishing pole.

Unpacking and lasagna dinner. Giggles and catching up and Can we swim again? 

Jammies and makeshift beds, piling into bedrooms. Hugs and I appreciate you brought us here for the end of the summer. Reading and sleep.

Then we get out the cards and pull up around the table, me sitting across from my mother-in-law, realizing we’ve been partners in cards long enough to have a history.Laughing and stories. Stories from the 70’s. Stories from yesterday. Stories stacking and cards laid and laughs bubble and I realize this isn’t a mistake to spend the last week of summer away.

Five more wake-ups and I will be spending my days in school. I normally spend this week preparing for the return of the routine, making plans with purpose, and transitioning to school-mode.

Instead, I’m finding it is through embracing summer that I will be most prepared. It is saying Yes! to more swimming and planning for popcorn under the stars and playing another hand of cards that will prepare me for school.

I’m not running away, not fleeing, not escaping. Rather, I’m embracing summer and all it has to offer. I’m holding on to the moments of being a mom who doesn’t have something else she should be doing. I’m tapping the artist and the child in me. I’m being a friend and a daughter.

And I’m preparing to be the best educator possible in five more wake-ups.

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  1. When we travel away from our usual lives, the magic does “wrap around us” as you wrote, Ruth. Have a great week with your family. Sounds just, well, magical!

  2. What a great way to bid the freedom of summer farewell. Your life is full and rich. Enjoy these days, they will sustain you when life becomes overwhelming.

  3. I love the phrase “five more wake-ups” – that is how my children and I count down to anything big. 🙂 And I think the way you are choosing to spend the last week is perfect. I went to my classroom yesterday for an hour. I looked around and thought – if needed, I could teach now. I don't need to over plan or spend every waking hour there. Being rested and rejuvenated is more than enough to prepare. Enjoy!

  4. Yes! I have been telling myself, this week is not about getting ready to go back to work. Next week I go back to work, I know how to do it, I don't need to get ready for it, I need to savor these days. Well done.

  5. This post helped me to celebrate the fact that I will be a TCRWP next week. I will use this time to get excited about the school year. There are things I am doing to get ready for the classroom from my cottage. This does have a powerful, resting impact, for me to be able to do a little here, a little there, yet still be able to enjoy my summer! I hope you have lots of restful and family filled days to energize your spirit!

  6. I love how this connected to your slice from last week, Ruth! I unplugged last week on a short (in terms of distance) vacation and it was just what I needed, so I know just how you are feeling. Try to carry some of that rest and relaxation into your school year! 🙂

  7. Ruth,
    Thank you for sharing the joy of your last week of summer with us! I am envious of the magical moments you describe! Enjoy these moments.

  8. What a lovely way to spend the end of the summer, Ruth. As Amy says your moments were magical. Perhaps, you would like to savor them a bit more by penning words to accompany your photo of the lake house. If so, I am trying to place all of the Summer Serenity Gallery photos and poems on the gallery that will be unveiled at the end of August. You can see my SOL post at Hope you consider this.