practical joker

“Ask Sam what he did to me today,” Andy said as we were driving to a soccer game.

I look over my shoulder and Sam winks at me. “It was a good one, Mom.”

I asked him to write the story for blog readers. (Stop back on Friday where I share my thoughts as a writing teacher of his story. Right now, just know as a Momma, I’m thrilled he was willing to write something I asked him to write under a deadline. Normally he only writes his own ideas on his own timeline!)

“You should have seen him,” Andy said, “I looked over and he was rolling on the floor.”

“Yeah, I just about died from laughing,” Sam confirmed.

“Did Noah help you?” I asked.

“Ohhh, no!” Sam said, his blue eyes round. “I had to keep it a secret from everyone. I didn’t want Dad to know.”

“Really? Well, then how did you think of doing that?”

His smile gets even bigger. “Captain Underpants! You always find useful things when you read.”

We laughed some more. He’s funny.

“Maybe we should be a little scared,” Andy said low-quiet so his voice wouldn’t carry to the backseat. I lift my eyebrows. “He’s really good at pulling off practical jokes and he’s seven. Just wait. You might not be laughing so hard next time!”

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  1. LOL! “You always find useful things when you read.” Pretty smart kid you've got there, Ruth. And I better watch out…both of my oldest grandsons are big Captain Underpants fans.

  2. I love how the story unfolds with dialogue and how you insert some of your Momma-Teacher reflection at the start. Your line, “Normally he only writes his own ideas on his own timeline!' reminded me of my own son and how he resisted writing with me early on–such independence there. We too loved Captain Underpants (and pranks).

  3. I love seeing Sam's writing. I cracked up hearing this story. Makes me wonder what other experiences you will be a part of. I love the fact that he got the idea from a book.

  4. Also funny that he wanted to play the joke-sounds like he might be cooking up more things in the future, too! Love that he liked the book so much he wanted to do a joke too!

  5. Oh! This prank calls to mind a cartoon my sister drew of me (long story, but I have a series of such cartoons from her capturing my stupidest moments). In my case, the sprayer handle was simply stuck and I got sprayed. I feel for Andy. It is a disorienting experience because it takes your mind a moment to catch up to the situation. And by that time, you are inevitably a bit wet. How fun for Sam to witness the fruits of his clever planning. Please thank him for sharing his story here. The illustrations really clarified what was happening, and I love the voice in that last line!

  6. I love everything about this. Every single thing. I love that he was inspired by a book, I love his sense of humor, I love that he wrote it down, I love how he wrote it down, and I love how you wrote about what he wrote. See? I love everything about it!