surrender (sols)

{I made this.}

Art is always good for the soul. Especially on the last official day of summer, which for me was last Sunday. I spent the afternoon playing with something new: mixed media art.

I had no plans for what I was doing.
I was a bit of a mess and a whole lot of joyful.
I trusted something was emerging one step at a time.
I liked it this way.

I’ve been considering this question for over a year: What is mine to do? In my car door is a scrap of cardboard with What is mine to do? written in black Sharpie marker. Each time I pull my door shut, my fingers brush the rough cardboard. When I open my computer screen, there is a digital sticky note blazing What is mine to do? On my bathroom mirror, in my journal, on the washer, What is mine to do? infiltrates my day. I’ve become accustom to finding moments in the day of things that are most certainly mine to do.

However, I’ve been thinking perhaps there are many answers to this question. In the moments of the day and also in the dreams of  a life.

This summer, from all aspects of my life (Christ-follower, momma, friend, adoption advocate, abolitionist, writer, teacher, reader, speaker), I’ve been nudged by someone to dream a little. To think outside of the box. To go beyond the planned. To imagine possibilities.

I never would have guessed building a little mixed media art canvas might be the way I’d see a bit of light illuminating a hidden path. Maybe, just maybe, mine to do is something unexpected.

I have no plans for where I’m headed.
I’m a bit of a mess and a whole lot of joyful.
I’m trusting in a God way bigger than me, for something emerging one step at a time.
And I like it this way.

I think the word for this feeling is surrender.
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  1. Love, just love. As I was reading your slice I had a voice in my head thinking – Ruth is talking about surrendering. A wonderful – yet scary at times – feeling. Thanks for sharing this. I'm now wanting to try out mixed media art.

  2. Sometimes when one is surrendering, it seems to be much better for me both emotionally & physically. It's not a 'giving up' but a way to approach life with less worry, I guess. Thanks for putting it together so nicely.

  3. Ruth, I read this earlier but didn't know what to say. So I quietly crept away for a bit. As I rode my bike I pondered what to respond to this post. The word that kept floating through my mind was talented. You are so talented at seeing inside the moment. You have a talent for tapping into that creative spark within you and nudging it in others. I love that you embrace the idea of playing with different media and medium. Your thoughts always nudge me to be more. Thank you.

  4. I like the mixture of art, thinking and discovery in this slice. You open your heart, yet it makes you stronger not vulnerable.

  5. Okay, I just love your mixed media and your question gives me pause, as I start my last year of teaching and helping. Many were asking me…what will you do without this. I better start figuring out what is mine to do. I think my first thing will be to give 1000 thanks to our wonderful God. I think that in that process I will maybe discover more of him, less of me and that will be very good I think. xo

  6. Ruth,
    I love this question. A good one for me, with no kids left at home. Can't wait to see what direction you are heading! And I love your art!