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spring is (soLs)

Spring is organizing five closets.Spring is a six mile bike ride with two kids and one in a seat on the back of my bike.Spring is open windows and a wide open front door.Spring is three loads of winter garb laundered and ready to be packed away.Spring is painted toenails.Spring is a late supper.Spring is dirt in the bathtub after the water drains away.Spring is mud boots and flip flops and bare feet.Spring is pushing a swing.Spring is forgetting to blog.Spring is today.

got’cha day (soLs)

{Ever since February, I’ve been planning to write about this topic. It’s been swirling around my mind, but it takes time to capture the words, make them behave, and fill up the page. So this post is a few days later than I expected, but I’m learning to put my timeline away and wait for the words to sort out and leave their marks on the page.} Got’cha Day is celebrated on March 14 in our house. It’s the day we “got” Hannah and Stephanie. March 14, four years ago,… Read more got’cha day (soLs)

a friend

I’m writing this from a hotel lobby and am ready to collapse. So here’s a little very first draft list. I have this friend who knows me better than most.She knows I hide my toothbrush in hotel rooms.She knows I have a tendency to get twisted around with directions in large cities.She knows I don’t mean it when I grumble.She knows how to read between my words to figure out what I’m feeling, even when I don’t know myself.She knows when I’m joking and thinks I’m funny (sometimes).She knows how… Read more a friend

cooking (soLs)

I like to cook. It’s not just the chopping and layering and baking, but the putting together of flavors and the pairing of vibrant colors and the eating as close to natural as possible. I like the planning. The looking through recipes and making menus. The thinking of different family members and designing a meal just for them. It’s the organizing of our schedule and working around it. Make ahead freezer meal for this night, slow cooker meal for that night, extra time in the kitchen on another night. And… Read more cooking (soLs)

pixie stix (soLs)

“You can try some of mine.” Stephanie’s words shocked me. I cut my eyes to the rear view mirror and turned down the volume on the radio. I wanted to hear if she tried to manipulate Sam out of his candy. Sam opened his mouth and Steph sprinkled some of her red pixie stix into his mouth. “It’s good, isn’t it Buddy?” Steph asked. “Hmmm, I couldn’t really taste it,” he said, “Can I have more?” I held my breath, expecting a not-so-nice response. “Sure, open your mouth.” Sam obeyed,… Read more pixie stix (soLs)

what happened to empty? (soLs)

The last line of my slice from yesterday referred to an empty day today. Huh. It didn’t quite play out that way. Church. Lunch out (Karianne’s treat!). A long walk (and a little jog). Baseball as a family in the front yard. A visit to my parents. Dinner (baked potatoes with toppings and fresh fruit). Youth group for Andy and Karianne, bedtime routine for the kids. Transferring my files to a brand new computer. What’s that? Yes, indeed! I did say a brand new computer. Getting a new computer is a little like… Read more what happened to empty? (soLs)

home (soLs)

This is the first weekend since the last weekend in October that we have NO PLANS. It’s good to be home. It’s good to be home, snuggling on the couch with Sam at 6:15 am and reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. We were still reading at 8:13 am. It’s good to be home, surrounded by recipe magazines and books and websites, making a meal plan and a grocery list. It’s good to be home, cooking in the kitchen with Stephanie, making snacks for movie night. It’s… Read more home (soLs)