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pixie stix (soLs)

“You can try some of mine.” Stephanie’s words shocked me. I cut my eyes to the rear view mirror and turned down the volume on the radio. I wanted to hear if she tried to manipulate Sam out of his candy. Sam opened his mouth and Steph sprinkled some of her red pixie stix into his mouth. “It’s good, isn’t it Buddy?” Steph asked. “Hmmm, I couldn’t really taste it,” he said, “Can I have more?” I held my breath, expecting a not-so-nice response. “Sure, open your mouth.” Sam obeyed,… Read more pixie stix (soLs)

what happened to empty? (soLs)

The last line of my slice from yesterday referred to an empty day today. Huh. It didn’t quite play out that way. Church. Lunch out (Karianne’s treat!). A long walk (and a little jog). Baseball as a family in the front yard. A visit to my parents. Dinner (baked potatoes with toppings and fresh fruit). Youth group for Andy and Karianne, bedtime routine for the kids. Transferring my files to a brand new computer. What’s that? Yes, indeed! I did say a brand new computer. Getting a new computer is a little like… Read more what happened to empty? (soLs)

home (soLs)

This is the first weekend since the last weekend in October that we have NO PLANS. It’s good to be home. It’s good to be home, snuggling on the couch with Sam at 6:15 am and reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. We were still reading at 8:13 am. It’s good to be home, surrounded by recipe magazines and books and websites, making a meal plan and a grocery list. It’s good to be home, cooking in the kitchen with Stephanie, making snacks for movie night. It’s… Read more home (soLs)

snap snap smash (soLs)

Around 8:45 am I was observing in a kindergarten room. One thing I noticed was a slew of stuffed animals. There must be something special going on, I thought. Then suddenly *snap*snap*smash* it hit me. *Snap* I bet Sam would love to bring a stuffed animal to kindergarten. *Snap* I wonder which one he would bring? *SMASH* Crap. I know which one it would be because TODAY he was supposed to bring a stuffed animal to school, but we forgot to put it in his backpack this morning. My blood went cold. My… Read more snap snap smash (soLs)

she’s baaaaack! (soLs)

The laundry fairy has resurfaced in my life. She doesn’t make frequent appearances, but she is always welcomed. I first learned of her existence when I was in college. I brought home basketsssss full of dirty clothes on Friday night. The weekend passed, and I never went near the washer and dryer. Yet, on Sunday I loaded basketsssss full of clean, neatly folded clothes into my car and return to college. Must be a laundry fairy that lives at home, I realized. I tested the theory, and for years I… Read more she’s baaaaack! (soLs)

growing up (soLs)

“You can’t buy that,” I said through slit teeth, eyes darting up and down the aisle to make sure no one saw us. Mom looked at me like I was the one with the problem. (Hindsight says she might have been the one in the right here, after all, I was a teenager.) “Everybody buys this,” and she plopped a package of toilet paper in the cart. It wasn’t a cute little four pack, but the giant, huge, larger than a small child pack of double-roll toilet paper. I thought… Read more growing up (soLs)

walking in hannah’s shoes (soLs)

Sunday morning I woke up, stretched, pulled on layers of exercise clothes and realized I’d forgotten my shoes. My options were orange moccasins or knee-high brown boots. Not exactly conducive for an hour + walk. And then I remembered —  Hannah, my daughter, wears the same size shoe as me. Yes. Hannah is ten. Yes. Her shoes fit me. Lucky for me, even though it was barely light, I heard Hannah in the bathroom. I caught her  before she made it back to her bed. I gave her a hug and asked,… Read more walking in hannah’s shoes (soLs)