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ebb & flow

I’ve come to believe with all things creative there is an ebb and flow. I try to ride the tide when it is available and not worry so much when it ebbs. Sometimes, though, I wonder if I’m doing a good job balancing everything that I want to balance. I like to do a lot of creative things. Things I want to do. Things I’ve deemed important. Sometimes when one flows, the others ebb and I wonder if I’m going to be sorry later in life. But life isn’t meant to… Read more ebb & flow

{} long-term relationships

I’ve been thinking about what I know about Andy now that I didn’t know when we got married twelve years ago. He has more compassion for the underdog than I ever believed was possible. He is fiercely loyal to his family. He works hard because he cares about a job well done. A fifteen minute nap + a shower wipes away all stress, frustration, and grouchiness. It is magic. He likes to make people feel good about themselves. It makes me realize there’s a rhythm to relationships when we’ve been… Read more {} long-term relationships