{discover.play.build} writers make plans.

Each time I start a new notebook I use one of the beginning pages to dream up some plans. New writer’s notebooks have such potential and I like to tap into that energy by listing possible writing projects. I fill a page (front and back) with as many single phrase descriptions of potential writing projects as possible. I’ve done this for more than ten years (ever since I started my first writer’s notebook). Just like there are new ideas with each new notebook, there are also ideas I list again and again.

I like thinking about writing plans. Whether you are starting a new notebook or in the middle of one, will you make a list of potential writing projects? What kinds of stories, essays, poems do you want to write?

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  1. Usually after being away from my writing for too many days, I get this knawing sensation of “must write.” Writing has also become a haven for me, too. My insecurities take a back seat. I also found your new blog today!! It's getting down to the basics of every day writing–love it! “Collecting words to make sense of the world”–I knew I wrote for a reason! Thanks for modeling the “Permission Slip.” At first it didn't speak to me, but when I saw your permission slip, I said, “Oh, yes, I know exactly what to write on this slip!” I love the “Big Ideas” list. This is what books are made of!! I think you will be speaking to the hearts and minds of writers with this blog. Tam

  2. I spent some time yesterday making a list of writing topics while I was waiting for a friend. For me the key is to carry my little notebook with me. I am hoping to pracitce writing pieces that will speak to our parent community about the value of play and discovery in early childhood.

  3. Ruth, first you really spoke to me in the first entry in your notebook, but your poem about where you are from has me very curious about the “except for one”. It's mysterious, making me want to know more… That's like life and our writing too. I'm so glad that you are in my life. This is so cool that you have the opportunity to start another blog. I'm not sure how you do it, but I'm glad! All the best to you this coming week. I like the idea of carrying a notebook with me. I sure wish I had written more when I was younger, well, I can take care of that now. There's not time like the present! Enjoy your day! Happy slicing, discovering, playing and building! Clever! :o)