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Category: getting started

I’m Afraid

I’m afraid of writing.  I’m thinking I don’t have anything worthwhile to say, that I’m completely inadequate, and who am I to think I could write a book that people would want to read? At the same time, my brain has been hijacked and my thoughts bump over each other, planning and percolating, and demanding to come out on the page. My pen freezes over my notebook and the thought of opening a Word document makes me catch my breath. Once I add a folder called just write in this… Read more I’m Afraid


I can’t believe it’s August and I forgot.{deep breath}WFMAD.{an experience that made me believe I could maybe, perhaps, actually write fiction}Write Fifteen Minutes a Day, a writing challenge hosted by Laurie Halse Anderson on her blog, Mad Woman in the Forest, is something I’ve participated in for several years. I love it. In an effort to embrace what I can do and let go of the things I don’t do, I’m going to be excited that I remembered and happy to have TWO fifteen minute writing experiences for the next week,… Read more gasp!