#nerdlution: I’m In

I like being part of an online community of educators and writers and readers and super creative people. Currently I’m in awe by #nerdlution.

The official #nerdlution button!

It started on a whim. A couple of friends talking about the importance of accountability and wanting to establish some new habits.

Then Chris Lehman threw down a challenge involving an obscene number of pushups.
Colby Sharp created a hashtag.
And told the story of the first murmurs here.

And I was swept away by the phenomenon.

I committed to a word count goal.
I attempted to be realistic.

If I would have taken time to think it through I wouldn’t have committed.
Sometimes I think this writing adventure is simply a pipe dream.

Then I do something concrete.
Like announce a word count goal as my #nerdlution contribution.

Suddenly I’m in.
My Twitter feed is ecstatic.

And I could say:  

Oops, sorry. I really meant I just want to eat breakfast someplace other than my car or put lotion on my legs or make sure I have socks that match and remember to put mascara on both eyes.

My #nerdlution friends would understand. I wouldn’t understand, though. I can’t walk away from the commitment I made. This is what #nerdlution is all about. Choosing to do something that you know will make you happy, then having a group to hold you accountable and celebrate when you do the thing you thought was too hard.

So I’m sticking with my #nerdlution buddies.

After all, the reason they are my friends is because they’ve got moxie.
And they remind me that I do too.

I will write for a 50 day streak.

550 words a day. 

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  1. I will be excited to hear about this along the way. I like that it is something measurable and that it can work toward overall project goals while also leaving flexibility. Happy writing!

  2. Wow, I see you are still at it! I truly miss writing. My goal is to get back to it. I feel it slipping away. I do so many other things now, but they are things I couldn't do before, like visit people, paint in watercolor, learn new things in technology on my iPad, help with the Worship team, help with the food bank,

  3. Came over here to dig up the link for 5-Minute Friday, aaaaaand as usual got inspired by you. 🙂 Mayhap I'll be borrowing the word count idea…

    ALSO, change that notice!! Celebrating Writers is NOW AVAILABLE. People can buy it at http://www.stenhouse.com and everything. 😀