another challenge? but… (soLs)

52 Day Challenge: Pray. Do. Record.
Every week.

Last Sunday our pastor issued a 52 Day Challenge. Shamefully, my first thought was: I’m in the middle of a challenge, certainly I shouldn’t take on something else right now. As Kurt explained the challenge, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the 52 Day Challenge was most certainly something I should consider right now. Even more, it was something I was excited about.

The challenge is based on the fact that it took Nehemiah and the people 52 days to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem. What is God calling me to do in the next 52 days? I won’t know unless I ask. So starting last week, I agreed to:

  1. Pray daily: Lord, what is mine to do?
  2. Do: Once a week step out in a new direction.
  3. Record: Journal each week about what I’m noticing.
Really these things aren’t vastly different from my normal routine. The big push for me is to be more public about it. To talk with others. To share what’s happening because of the way God is working in my life.

It’s about being inspired by Nehemiah’s story and using that to allow my story to inspire others. It’s Mission Story, squirming around in my mind. Ideas are trying to shake loose, if only I would just let them go, they might come back to me and give me new understandings I am craving about the topic of Story.

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  1. Love it, Salty. 🙂 This totally resonates with your OLW, doesn't it? I echo your sentiments about going public and putting your faith out for consumption. I love your pastor's challenge. I think it would do wonders for me right now, too. 52 days. Hmmmmm. A lot could change in 52 days, huh?

  2. It's amazing to me that this should come at this time for you, Ruth, with all you've been writing about. You have begun, & now I think just must open up enough to receive that which appears.

  3. What a cool challenge from your church. I've never heard of a church doing something like that. Did you make the graphic in your post (pray, record, do, etc.)? Beautiful!

  4. Just because of participating in the SoLC, I have been paying more attention to the words, how they sound, how they are phrased and what is the author trying to say…consequently, in church this a.m. Father said that some of us are followers of God who wear our thoughts on our sleeves, others are more private and keep their thoughts deeply hidden…so I wondered, what kind of follower am I…I have never wanted to take notes from Father on Sunday morning-yet today, I couldn't help myself!

  5. What an incredible pastor you have. This challenge reminds me of my one little word: nudge. It is like a challenge to pay extra attention to God's nudges, maybe even to request nudges. It is a special challenge and one worth taking on, although I think that you already embody this sort of approach to life.

  6. Our pastors always invite us to take something on rather than give something up for Lent. Participating in this challenge was what I “took on” last year. This year I am taking on the comment part. I look forward to reading more of you in your 52 day challenge.

  7. I look forward to hearing how this challenge goes. I love the visual that you created to go along with your challenge. Did you share that with others at your church? I bet that it would inspire them.

  8. I just stumbled upon this post and i LOVE it! I know it can be hard to do two challenges at one…i know for me Lent and the slice of life challenge have come at the same time. I like that you are going to pray, do and record. I hope that you will share with us how God inspires you through this 52 day challenge. 🙂
    –jee young