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bic (soLs)

B.I.C. I believe it is wise advice from Jane Yolen.B.I.C The way to become a writer.B.I.C. The focus of a minilesson in kindergarten last week.B.I.C. Much needed for me today. Bottom.In.Chair. If I don’t put B.I.C. in practice today and tomorrow and every other day in the upcoming week, a very bad thing will happen. I will miss the deadline for Christi’s and my book Celebrating Writers. (I might joke about missing deadlines. But when it comes right down to it, I don’t find it a laughing matter.) The thing… Read more bic (soLs)

a conversation about reading (soLs)

This conversation unfolded last night, as I read just one more book with Hannah (age 10), Stephanie (age 8), and Sam (age 6), even though it was past bedtime. (Natalee is our babysitter who stays with the kids every morning for the 75 minutes between when I leave and the bus comes.) Sam: You know Natalee hates to read. Me: I’ve heard her say that. (I’m constantly suggesting books she should read, and encouraging her to find enjoyment as a reader. I do this because I want everyone to love… Read more a conversation about reading (soLs)

three trains (soLs)

So far today I’ve been stopped by three trains. The first was on my way to work. I could have went around, under the viaduct, but I chose to wait. I stopped for the second train when the lights began flashing, well before the arms dropped. I could have rushed and crossed, but I chose to wait. I came upon the third train as it was in the middle of its passing. I didn’t choose to wait; I was forced. When Sam was two, he used to hope for trains… Read more three trains (soLs)

keeping on (soLs)

What makes people keep going even when it gets really tough?  I look at this little writing challenge of ours, and even though I don’t want to write tonight, I’m making my fingers move across the keyboard. The thoughts are plodding along behind me, almost as though there are cement blocks tied to my fingers, weighting them down, suffocating the words. I keep going, even when it’s hard. I trust the process. I think about being an agent of change at work, and even though I don’t want to always… Read more keeping on (soLs)

another challenge? but… (soLs)

52 Day Challenge: Pray. Do. Record. Every week. Last Sunday our pastor issued a 52 Day Challenge. Shamefully, my first thought was: I’m in the middle of a challenge, certainly I shouldn’t take on something else right now. As Kurt explained the challenge, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the 52 Day Challenge was most certainly something I should consider right now. Even more, it was something I was excited about. The challenge is based on the fact that it took Nehemiah and the people 52 days to rebuild the… Read more another challenge? but… (soLs)