bic (soLs)

B.I.C. I believe it is wise advice from Jane Yolen.
B.I.C The way to become a writer.
B.I.C. The focus of a minilesson in kindergarten last week.
B.I.C. Much needed for me today.


If I don’t put B.I.C. in practice today and tomorrow and every other day in the upcoming week, a very bad thing will happen.

I will miss the deadline for Christi’s and my book Celebrating Writers. (I might joke about missing deadlines. But when it comes right down to it, I don’t find it a laughing matter.)

The thing about B.I.C. is it only works if you actually write on the project that needs finished. Slices don’t count. Emails don’t count. Writer’s notebook entries don’t count. And YA projects really don’t count.

I can find many distractions even after B.I.C. So I’m logging off the internet, opening my files, and immersing myself in Celebrating Writers. It will be hours until I emerge.


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  1. Love this! And so true. I especially appreciate that you utilized B.I.C. with kindergarten! Ah ha! Simple enough, but very powerful.

    Happy today!

  2. I hope when you read this it will be after a day deep into Celebrating Writers and you are happy with the work accomplished. Thanks for inspiring all writers with your words of encouragement. Now meet that deadline, there are those of us out there waiting for this book. :-]

  3. And I thought it was going to be about Bic Crystal pens, my favorite. I love that B.I.C. was a KG mini lesson. I do have one student who does better work standing. Luckily he isn't very tall and will stand at his desk. Since I don't assign seats he makes sure to sit (stand) where he isn't blocking anyone. I haven't figured out a real reason to make him B.I.C., so I don't. Something for me to continue to ponder.

  4. I would say he has the heart of BIC in practice. It doesn't matter if your bottom is in the chair or if your feet are in front of your desk. What matters is you focus on your writing and get some significant work done. (This is the thing that is eluding me…but I'm off to work. Really.)

  5. I will be remembering this acronym for a long time to come. Thanks for the chuckle and advice. Good luck with your book writing and meeting that deadline!

  6. My goal today, after I write my slice, is bottom out of chair! Bank, grocery store, housework! Gotta get serious. Then maybe BIC to do taxes.

  7. BIC – great concept around those three letters. There is a world of distraction out there waiting to suck us all in. Good luck with tuning out the world today and focusing on your book! You can do it!

  8. Can't wait for the book…I really, really appreciate your comment on mine today…considering that you have to do time on your book. Tomorrow…I'm posting that you will be at our Judson conference this summer…can't wait…can't wait. xo nanc

    Yikes…why won't my Word press let me comment…

  9. I love this – I say butt in chair to my students all the time. As they wander the room, sharpen their pencils, stare out the window, and then lament that they can't write, I explain that of course they can't until their butt is in their chair. πŸ™‚ I do need to do the Feet on Pavement (or treadmill) today as well.

  10. I love this! Up until the middle, I kept dreaming up all sorts of fancy things B.I.C. could mean. Ah-hah. Bottom in chair. Yes; that is how most things are accomplished :). Good luck on the book today. I wish you incredible progress. Does listening to music help?

  11. Should I be embarrassed that I keep coming back here as incentive to keep writing or for a break? THANK YOU for your encouragement. It truly fuels me and reaffirms some of my thoughts about celebration.

    I think it's going to be a little fun (or twisted) to keep my progress in the comments.

    So an update…I worked for 2 hours and:
    Wrote 748 NEW words
    Reread 8 different earlier versions of 4 different chapters
    Revised chapter 1 — and now have a sense that it will be reworked significantly AGAIN
    Moved things from earlier versions into the chapters I think they now belong

    Just got back from my run and ate a bowl of cereal. Now back at it for another hour-ish.

  12. Okay —
    366 new words
    Still feeling a little fuzzy whether this is on the right track.

    Getting ready to give kids lunch and then go to water aerobics. πŸ™‚

    Back to BIC in a couple of hours.

  13. Here's to a productive day BIC and on topic. Enjoy the break with the kids. It might be just what you need to let those initial 366 new words tumble around in you mind for a bit to help you decide whether or not it is the right track.

  14. Thanks. πŸ™‚

    Okay…BIC-ing now. Wet hair and smelling like chlorine, but ready to focus for a little bit until it's time to make dinner.

  15. BIC is also an important reminder for first grader writers. I love the stick-to-it-ness that this acronym implies. Happy Writing!

  16. Update:774 NEW words

    Going to make dinner…and eat it…and clean the kitchen…then the kids will get jammies on and watch a movie and I'll be back working.

  17. Dinner is finished. Dishes are done. Kids want to play outside until it's time for books. So I'm going to grab these 45 minutes & see if I can finish the chapter I'm working on.

  18. Update:
    I've reached a turning point. Shew!
    1247 NEW words.
    I think it is going to all come together.
    Maybe reread it now…or might take a break and reread it later. So glad to feel like it just may be coming together. πŸ˜‰
    Also…I even wrote about this little reflective post in chapter two. Haha.

  19. Final update today (I think):
    Reread chapters 1 & 2 and they seem to flow and make sense. Shared them with Christi and Bill (our editor) on Google Docs. Keeping my fingers crossed for super-fast feedback.

    Made a plan for chapter 3 tomorrow — Integrating Technology in Writing Celebrations (or something catchier once Bill or Christi make a stab at the title). Hoping things come together a little faster tomorrow and I can plow on into chapter 5: Writer-Centered End of Unit Celebrations.

    Christi is putting together the appendix & I'll plan on compiling my part during the week.

    March 30 is the deadline. Keep your fingers crossed for me! πŸ˜‰

  20. Your post was delightful enough, (though I kept wondering what BIC meant and for me at that moment BIC meant go back and re-read, then got it) though reading through your progress report was even better.
    I am very proud of you and that I can comment( and maybe encourage) your writing is wonderous. Now even though you might be BIC you've got a book to finish.!! You can do it.

  21. So impressive all that you are able to do! Nice acronym, it gets to the point and is so true. The only way to finish something is to start and not stop! My fingers are crossed for you.

  22. Hooray! 1247 new words for you, and 24 days of writing for me(!) and the rest of the slicers. Thank you for your inspiration to keep us writing.

  23. I need to take this advice myself…BIC…I'm going to make a cute poster with this saying and hang it up so I'm reminded of it daily. Thanks for your slice, and good luck keeping your BIC! πŸ˜‰