a friend

I’m writing this from a hotel lobby and am ready to collapse. So here’s a little very first draft list.

I have this friend who knows me better than most.
She knows I hide my toothbrush in hotel rooms.
She knows I have a tendency to get twisted around with directions in large cities.
She knows I don’t mean it when I grumble.
She knows how to read between my words to figure out what I’m feeling, even when I don’t know myself.
She knows when I’m joking and thinks I’m funny (sometimes).
She knows how to keep secrets.
She knows I like some space.
She knows it’s okay to be silent together.
She gives me perspective.
She’s wise about teaching and parenting and being a wife and faith and life.
I trust her more than most.
I have this friend who knows me better than most.
And I’m thankful for her.

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  1. I like how your initial sentence is repeated at the end…with the tad bit extra. The “she knows” repetition demonstrated the bond that exists between you. Friends are so valuable. I enjoyed this format of explaining your friend without revealing every bit of information.

  2. I agree with Christy. I thought about how it didn't seem like a “very first draft”. I was also thinking about how the post is one more indicator of the value of writing even when we don't want to.

  3. A great list that I'm sure will be appreciated. Friends may know all these things about us, but it's nice for us to publicly share how great they are.