writing group part 5: the end (soLs)

STOP! Don’t read any farther, because this is the end of a slice I wrote with my writing group (BONS — Bits of Nothing or Something). To get the whole, start at Slices from the Sofa and follow the links, which will lead you back here — to THE END.


BONS writing together.

The click clack click of five key boards fill the air.

We are BONS writing together. It is only quiet for a moment. We are slicing from the sofa. The snickers begin. A few whispers. Then a laugh. Then Mary Helen laughs. And there is no quiet.

But there are still writers. Happy writers. Who are now fortified to continue because our energy has been boosted with encouragement and laughs and pie.

It is inevitable, though. The end is near.

The stacks of colorful plates are in the dishwasher.
The pie plate is empty.
Neville is continuing his adventure and waiting for it to be recorded then shared next month.
The new trophy and new notebook are tucked away in my computer bag.

It will be a month until we meet again. Words captured. Emails fly. Texts traded. And our friendship grows. We started as a group of writers and became friends. Who knew friendship could be the most important sustenance in a writer’s life?

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  1. Now I am going to have to go back and give a pat on the back to each clever BONS girl because they got it right about being clever! I love seeing your faces because I am learning your writing.

  2. This was so fun! And I am so jealous of the writing group you have! And I love your last line, “Who knew friendship could be the most important sustenance in a writer's life?” Perfect.

  3. Friendship made through writing, that's what I feel towards many of the slicers. You are my friends in writing and we get together every Tuesday and for 31 days of March. I miss you when life takes you away from your blogs and I can't learn the joys or struggles you faced during the week. Thank you Ruth for this opportunity. Hugs to all! (although a piece of pie would be nice)

  4. What a wonderful group of writers/friends! Writing brings out the most personal in all of us; so nice that you have a group of people you trust with those inner-most thoughts.

  5. I felt like I was on a Choose Your Own Adventure (preselected choices, less pressure). What a fabulous gift to have that community of writers. That gathering is one of the things I miss since we have gotten here; book club, studying His word, etc. And, I am sure the pie was great!

  6. I really enjoyed this set of slices. What a powerful set of slices. I love how lines of your posts linked back to everyone else's slices.

  7. What a wonderful night we had! I'm laughing just reading that we laughed and then I laughed. It's a trademark that I never realized would effect teachers and students in such a positive way.