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Category: writing process

what happened to my nice-neat writing process?

You know, my writing process is a bit of a mess. It didn’t used to be. There was a point in my life when I could be given an assignment, make a plan, crank it out, reread it, make the deadline, and earn an A. The same is true when I started teaching. I wrote alongside my students, cranking out the assignments, jotting in my notebook, churning satisfactory pieces of writing out in time for deadlines. Writing has traditionally been easy for me. In fact, I would even go as… Read more what happened to my nice-neat writing process?

writing project decisions

One of the things I try to really tune-in to is what project I should be spending time on. I have a lot of writing projects: Blogs Professional book, Celebrating Writers, due out later this year from Stenhouse YA book Choice Literacy articles Scrapbook pages, where I like to document stories with photos + words Writing to use with students Work responsibilities Recently I added another project to my list of writing projects. I’m not even sure it can be called a project, but it is taking up my 1000… Read more writing project decisions


One thing that it seems I’m always trying to do is s l o w  d o w n. It’s one of the reasons I write, so I can capture life and linger in the moments that are rushing past. Recently I realized I even eat fast. Gobble. Gobble. Done. This, I told myself, this I can control. I can chose to slow down meal times. I don’t have to shovel bite after bite after bite into my mouth, finishing the task of eating quickly and efficiently. I can chew… Read more tasting.


Not cutting. Not pruning. Not deleting. Hacking. It is brutal. And it is essential to the life of a writer. I’m not sure I’ve truly understood this before this month. I’ve always known cutting as a viable revision option. It’s one I’ve used for years. It’s never hurt before. Maybe that’s because I haven’t done it right. Recently I revised the beginning of my first novel by hacking. Since I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve revised the lead (although I’m sure it is over a trillion), it’s… Read more hacking

writing group

It’s been more than a month since my writing group met and I’m beginning to feel the kinks that come from missing a workout. We were supposed to meet last Friday, but due to conflicts, changed our meeting to Wednesday, December 21. (You do realize that’s four days before Christmas, Tam pointed out. We didn’t care, though, because we had to meet.) I’ve been thinking about my writing group a lot since the hardest revision ever, which I think is a funny name because the next time I’m faced with… Read more writing group

saturday morning

I couldn’t wait for this morning. There is nothing on the calendar. It is empty. As far as I’m concerned, this is about as perfect as a Saturday morning can be. It is waiting to be filled with my favorite things. Writing words. Hot tea. Snuggles with my kids. A little bit of art. Pajamas. Why, then, am I having trouble putting words on the page for my latest YA project? Maybe because words are swirling in my head for my professional book? Maybe because I’ve been thinking so deeply… Read more saturday morning