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Category: writing process

writing life update

Oh my! Can I just say I am now a huge believer in writing retreats? I wasn’t sure if it would make that big of a difference in my writing life. I have a solid writing habit, and I feel productive as a writer. I wasn’t sure if it was worth juggling schedules, hiring babysitters, and packing a suitcase. I couldn’t have been more wrong. My list was ambitious. Although I didn’t complete it all, there were many unexpected ways my writing life was nourished. So a little recap. (Well,… Read more writing life update


Ahh…internet service! Ours was zapped by lightening last Friday and won’t be fixed until later this week. Ahh….I just drove five hours to arrive at a secluded little place in the middle of big trees. It’s a Choice Literacy Writing Retreat. “What exactly are you doing, Mom?” Hannah asked before I left. “Writing Camp,” I responded.“Lucky,” she said. Lucky, indeed. I think it only fitting to begin the retreat with a blog post. In the next three days I’ll have lots of time and space to write. What are my… Read more ahhh…(soLs)

laura resau interview (part 2 of 3): writing space

I believe in the power of place and the importance of space. After I was in my new office for a couple of years I had to do something to make it mine. I worked at establishing a place that reflected who I am and was comfortable and inviting to work. (Here is a link to a blog post about organizing my office at school. The interesting thing is now, two years later, almost all of my files are electronic, and I no longer have a school computer because I… Read more laura resau interview (part 2 of 3): writing space


Already today I’ve: Washed, folded, and put away two loads of laundry. Ran. Showered. Cooked breakfast. Cleaned the kitchen. Blogged. Vacuumed. Dusted. Cleaned out the car. Put away coolers from the race yesterday. I got up early to write. Even though I try convince myself that this blog post and that blog post count as writing, I know they don’t really. There are projects that need completed. Specifically, there is a keynote that must be completed. The only way it will get done is if I buckle down and write.… Read more procrastination