sweet fun

sun and melting snow
bright green buds on bony limbs
blue sky holds the chill
I’ve noticed quite a few haiku around the slice community this month. I’ve been wanting to write my own. All month long I’ve been stumbling over syllables, attempting to shove images into the required rhythm. Not to mention trying to be inspired by nature to give a traditional lean to the haiku I pretended I could write. Many slices this month have started with the promise of a haiku that soon fizzled and was replaced with my comfortable prose.
But not tonight.
Tonight I finally wrote a haiku I’m proud to have written. I told myself when I finally did write one, I wouldn’t post anything else…only the 17 syllables. However, I couldn’t do it…I wanted to capture my process, to remember how I tried and tried, and then with only a handful of days left in the month, this little haiku just spilled out.
I think it was even more fun because of all the failed attempts at haiku this month. Failure make success just a little sweeter.
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  1. I just read it to Andy (who is a master at rhythm…constantly changing song lyrics to make the kids (and me) laugh).

    Naturally he had to “write” one as “proof” it's not hard. (It's a good thing I like his eyes…this way I don't throw something at him from across the room.)

    Pacers score again
    Houston, we have a problem
    Another road win.

    Yeah…he's funny alright.

  2. Who would guess that melting snow and bright green buds would be together in nature? Thanks for including your tale of struggle. Good to know you struggle too because your words are always just perfect when I read them.

  3. I love haiku and so did all my students. Your haiku has beautifully captured the peek-a-boo spring we're having this year. Yes, “bony limbs” is my favorite group of words, too.

  4. I love how you play with words. You inspire me to try. I have written more poetry this time, including tonight (inspired by your post). Glad Andy decided to contribute too.

  5. Hooray! YOU DID IT!!! I especially love the line, “bright green buds on bony limbs.” Awesome personification and alliteration. I love the imagery as well!

  6. Lovely haiku, but I appreciate your thoughts and reflections afterward more. I think we all set high expectations for ourselves and just like kids, we don't like to fail. However, in the process of writing (and really, life), we need to be reminded that we struggle, that it's not always easy, that we can't do it right the first time. Your words are always inspiring.

  7. Anxiously awaiting “bright green buds!” It is indeed satisfying to achieve something that we've been struggling with. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I agree with you. Haiku is hard and people who say it isn't are big fat liars! I love the bright green buds on bony limbs. Perfect!
    P.S. Andy's haiku really is funny!

  9. Lovely work! When I attempt to write these (and when I'm teaching my kids), I try to focus on making (directly or indirectly) a clear link between image and emotion, while also focusing on sound. You have great soundplay here (your b's, for example, and the 'i' sound in “bonY lImbs”), concrete imagery with clear emotional resonance, and some sweet personification in your last line. Awesome haiku! 🙂

  10. Failure does make success a little sweeter, but I can't help but wonder if possibly you never really failed. You just kept inching closing to your goal. Failure is when we stop and you never stopped. Thanks for sharing your haiku — and your process.