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Category: writing process

{} take a walk.

This week I was out walking and a character popped into my mind. I walk past this farm many times each week. It’s been showing up in my notebook a lot lately, and I’ve been thinking about the kinds of people who could live on a farm like the one I walk past. I’ve been asking myself What if…What if…What if… So I began to dream about the kinds of people who may live there. I walked and thought. Walked some more and said What if…some more. When I returned… Read more {} take a walk.

i’ve gotta slice (soLs)

Being a writer is mostly about developing a habit. Talk to any writer and then another and you’ll find those habits are all different. Some write in the morning. Others write through the night. Some write daily. Others take breaks. But all writers have habits. Writing a slice on Tuesdays is one of my writing habits. There are¬†occasional¬†Tuesdays when it doesn’t happen…but those are usually for unpredictable reasons. On a regular Tuesday, I slice. Even if it’s not an official Slice of Life Tuesday. I’m excited to know there are… Read more i’ve gotta slice (soLs)

bic (soLs)

B.I.C. I believe it is wise advice from Jane Yolen.B.I.C The way to become a writer.B.I.C. The focus of a minilesson in kindergarten last week.B.I.C. Much needed for me today. Bottom.In.Chair. If I don’t put B.I.C. in practice today and tomorrow and every other day in the upcoming week, a very bad thing will happen. I will miss the deadline for Christi’s and my book Celebrating Writers. (I might joke about missing deadlines. But when it comes right down to it, I don’t find it a laughing matter.) The thing… Read more bic (soLs)