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Category: writing process

little things: writing process

If you follow me on Two Writing Teachers as a teacher, you know I’ve been thinking quite a bit about helping young writers find their own personal writing process. The more I write, the more I realize how personal my writing process is. I’m realizing if students can personalize it for themselves as well, then they will become more proficient writers. The flip side of the coin is there are some things that all writers do. This is how the phases of the writing process were developed. All writers collect… Read more little things: writing process

a little note to my writer-self

Remember this conversation I had a few weeks ago with my crit partner? Well I have to face her and the others tonight. In the last six days, I’ve not discovered more about Krums or Sophi or their stories. This is because I’ve not listened for them or written or sketched or jotted or anything. I can’t pinpoint exactly why, but I think I need to figure it out before I have to face my writing group tonight. I’m afraid Ruth’s sinister approach to my writing life may be contagious.… Read more a little note to my writer-self

my writing life (sols)

Yesterday I wrote a post and was pleasantly surprised to get a new glimpse into my writing life. Today I’m hoping to explore it more and learn more about my own writing process and finding time and gaining confidence and all of that stuff. So here’s a little unplanned list. We’ll see what is revealed…. (I’m a little anxious to see what pops up!) I think about writing even when I’m not in front of my computer. For my professional work, I find myself “talking it out” while I’m in… Read more my writing life (sols)

it takes time

I wish I wrote faster. Sometimes I feel a little frustrated with how long it takes to write. I started playing with some new characters last April. That’s four months (and three writer’s notebooks) ago. I wish the story were drafted. But it’s not. I have a collection of scenes, snippets from the story world. 15,906 words. I don’t have the story. I’m still playing and discovering and building. I tell myself to write 1000 words each day and the story will be finished in a few weeks. It doesn’t… Read more it takes time

i can hardly wait…

Laurie Halse Anderson is hosting the fourth annual WRITE FIFTEEN MINUTES A DAY CHALLENGE this month. Ican’twait. Ican’twait. Ican’twait. The welcome message for the first day of the challenge is up now. Here’s hoping you WFMAD too.

when do you write?

Last night we went to a dinner and a local playhouse with some of our best friends. Andy (my husband) and Kurt planned a date night for Heidi and me since our birthdays are just a few days apart. At one point in the conversation, they asked: So when do you write? And I began telling them. I realized writing is truly squeezed in around the other (more important) parts of my life. I’m a wife, mom, friend, artist, laundry fairy, house cleaner, reader, doll fashion adviser, train track constructor,… Read more when do you write?