writing project decisions

One of the things I try to really tune-in to is what project I should be spending time on. I have a lot of writing projects:

  • Blogs
  • Professional book, Celebrating Writers, due out later this year from Stenhouse
  • YA book
  • Choice Literacy articles
  • Scrapbook pages, where I like to document stories with photos + words
  • Writing to use with students
  • Work responsibilities
Recently I added another project to my list of writing projects. I’m not even sure it can be called a project, but it is taking up my 1000 word goal each day. Right now it is simply a collection of thoughts, in a notebook, all circling around the adventures, feelings, process, thoughts, and other randomness about the adoption of our daughters.
A few weeks ago I just knew this is where my energy is supposed to go. I don’t like putting my YA work on hold. I don’t really like collecting ideas with no direction. I have no idea if this is a project, if it is going to become something more than a notebook of random thoughts. I just know after I wrote my letter to 2012, I was compelled to write more about my adoption experience.
I’ve said before, I write for fun. It isn’t my livelihood. That doesn’t mean, though, that I’m haphazard about my writing time. If anything, I think I’m more intentional. I know it is limited. So I’m learning to trust and really pay attention. I’m learning sometimes the project I want to work on (YA) isn’t always the project I ought to work on. I’m also learning that as I spend time collecting in my notebook about our adoption, I’m gaining insight into my YA project (the main character was adopted at age 4, just like one of my daughters).
How about you? How do you make decisions about time and your writing life?

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  1. I'm not sure I'm making deliberate decisions. I just stared a memoir class so will put writing for that, with the students, as a priority now. Mostly I take time writing in my notebook each day, but have a file on the computer to help find ideas for my blog. And I am making a scrapbook for my youngest granddaughter which I work on when I have new photos. I do most writing late evening. It will be interesting to see what others say.

  2. Lately, I have been so immersed in ideas, that I kind of just go where the day takes me when it comes to writing. I have been deliberate about spending time on writing each day, but not so intentional about what I complete. Mostly I have been choosing to work on blog posts, and a few projects for school. What I am missing at this point, is direction and focus for some of the larger projects in my back pocket. Your thoughts about the adoption of your girls–just the hint you shared in your letter to 2012–are of special interest to me. I have several friends who have had completely different adoption experiences. In each case, adoption has had a forever impact on their lives. What a special project to work on. It seems the process is just as important in that case as whatever the product may end up to be (or not be, for that matter).

  3. I spent a bit of time thinking about my writing life this last week and have some ideas to explore too. I love your list. I really do hope for 2012 to be my year of nurturing my writing life.

  4. I have been making myself write each night. I enjoy writing. It's the clearing of my thoughts and the laundry that seem to get in the way. Oh, yeah, and kids. Actually I am still finding a schedule for me to get into. Right now, I just know I have to write.

  5. I'm struggling, which is I guess normal. I have a list of writing goals that I return to frequently. My most recent writing project unfortunately will be writing a resume.