the dinner table.

One of the traditions from my childhood that has carried over to my own children is sitting together at the table for dinner. I like this time of the day. I like being able to cook a meal, add veges and fruit, and sit down together. I like their smiles.

Andy has always affirmed my cooking. The girls are also big advocates. Karianne is thankful for healthy meals. Sam, well, he prefers peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The thing I like, though, are the little conversations. They usually aren’t long. Just a few exchanges and then on to the next topic. The conversation bounces around the table. It’s taken awhile to get here, this place where the conversation is natural, without a single person dominating. This place where it is about the day, things we’re thinking, ideas we have instead of constant redirection.

This is a very good place to be. It makes me appreciate the tenacity it took to get here. It makes me appreciate their giggles even more. The dinner table is a very good place to be. I hope it always is.

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  1. Ruth, I love this little glimpse in. Our dinner table varies. Sometimes it is around the table, sometimes it is at the island in the kitchen. I love it most when the laughter spills over. Magical.

  2. Again, I hear echoes of your one little word in your slice. You are certainly living up to it. I am always astounded to see Karianne's name continue to appear in your posts. She is your foreign exchange student, right? It seems she has been part of your family for so long–what an amazing experience for you all! The picture you paint of your dinner table is a lovely window into your family dynamic. You are honest about the reality of the work it takes to build this kind of communication, but also allowing yourself to celebrate the beauty of it!

  3. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

    Yes, @Christy, Karianne is our exchange student. It does seem like she is family, in fact I'm pretty sure she reached that status months ago. We are going to ache missing her when she leaves in July.

  4. I like “the dinner table is a very good place to be”. We have a few places to congregate in the house, but everyone always seems to be at the table, cramming in, etc. I love your little slice of dinner, makes me feel good!

  5. I love the little moments shared at the dinner table best too. You brought me back to when my kids were younger and dinner time was all about those moments.

  6. What I love about the dinner table is it doesn't have to be reserved for meals. It is that meeting place where problems are solved, projects are made and laughter is always around the corner. I liked hearing about the joy you experience there too.

  7. Kitchens and dining tables are always my favorite places in people's homes. This was such a great peek into your home and your life. I loved it.