I craved berries. I tried to talk myself out of it. You have a frozen berry mix, make a smoothie. I don’t want frozen berries. I want fresh berries. They are too expensive, mix some frozen blueberries into yogurt. You’ll like it. I want fresh berries. Raspberries. Red raspberries.

I don’t do the grocery shopping. I make the list, but Andy does the shopping. There’s no way I could ask him to pick up fresh red raspberries. It seemed too extravagant. I ate a pomegranate instead.  They were on sale last week. This would be so much better mixed with fresh berries. Where did my voice of reason go? How easily it flip-flops sides. Wasn’t this the voice fighting against fresh berries just a nod ago? And now it’s egging me on.

So maybe I mentioned to Andy how fresh berries sounded good. “We just had strawberries yesterday,” he said.

“I know,” I smiled sheepishly, “But I was thinking blueberries or maybe red raspberries.”

“There’s a frozen berry mix in the freezer.”

Sigh. The conversation ended and I put the thought of fresh berries out of my mind. I crunched an apple. Peeled an orange. And the days passed, but the craving for fresh berries didn’t.

Sunday night Andy came home with a smile. “I got you something,” he said, revealing a box of fresh blueberries.

I smiled. “I didn’t really need them.”

“I know,” he said, “but I wanted to buy them.”

“For me?”

“Just for you.”

I write this slice with a little red bowl of fresh blueberries next to me. I pop one in my mouth and taste true love.

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  1. It's just like that song, Ruth, “little things mean a lot”, even a small bowl of blueberries. Thoughtful husband!! I enjoyed your meandering down to the bite, wasn't sure you would get them. (PS-for some reason, they just came in with lots of berries & cheaper at the store this past weekend)

  2. mmmm, now I want berries! Raspberries are my FAVORITE! What a sweet husband — I love your last line about how you “taste true love” when you eat the berries. It perfectly captures how his thoughtfulness made you feel.

  3. That is the sweetest thing! It's the little things that make the biggest difference. I needed berries too, so I splurged with blackberries last week. Must be something in the air.

  4. I share your love of blueberries Ruth, so this slice is delicious. Apart from anti oxidants they are simply scrumptious and your delight in them is most apparent.

  5. True love…it really is the little things that count. I understand about those cravings and how they can take over. I'm so glad that you didn't have to settle for the frozen ones…they're just not the same.