a pause for happiness (soLs)

I was reading Ocean in a Saucer by Laura Resau and found the inspiration for today’s slice.

From Laura Resau at Ocean in a Saucer. Click on the image to
go to Laura’s post.

I hunkered down last weekend. We escaped to visit Andy’s mom, and I didn’t blog or email or scrapbook or draft or work on my keynote or even open my computer. Usually when I avoid the computer it is because I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed. I’ve been wondering what I’m stressed about, and then I came across Laura’s post. I realized maybe I’m not avoiding work, maybe I’m simply pausing and being happy.

Here’s a little list of “pauses” —

  1. Eating Mother’s Day lunch outside on the patio with just the kids.
  2. Going for an hour-plus walk in the early morning sunshine.
  3. Shopping with the girls — Hannah, Stephanie, Karianne, and Carolyn (Andy’s mom) — and buying summer clothes and prom shoes.
  4. Shiny grey toenails. (I’m totally not feeling guilty for getting a pedicure with Karianne.)
  5. Filling a new notebook and stretching myself in this work. Focusing on things other than character — setting and conflict and objects — and enjoying the the way a story can unfold.
It’s good for the soul to pause and be happy. I think I should make sure to do this at least once a day.
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  1. Thought-filled quote & post, Ruth. I love that you were just happy! It's hard to be in the moment without thinking of all that needs doing. Love those gray toenails too! Thank you for a good start to this day!

  2. I love that quote! We all need to pause and reflect on the small moments of happiness in our lives. Thanks for the reminder. Right now I am pausing and loving it. I know it will be a slice soon.

  3. We are all so hectic getting ready for the end pretty soon. I like that you paused and didn't feel guilty about the pedicure…xo nanc

  4. I could not agree more!!! I think we would all be so much better off we took a bit of time to just STOP AND ENJOY ! And never, ever feel guilty a pedi add the mani next time!

  5. Pause and be happy…And your comment to do it at least once a day. Life would be easier, more manageable, and I hope I would be better at what I do. I will fit in the pause to my day. Thanks!

  6. Nice. I think, for me, that's what the lake is for. To just slow down and be happy with what I have. Glad you made the time to do that. Love the quote. May have to hang it somewhere!

  7. Pause and be happy – without doing so, what point is all the work and worry, right?! So good that you were able to know it was time to do so, Ruth.

  8. You are SO right about “pausing” and “reflecting” being a necessary part of our lives. I suspect that our grandmothers were doing so as they “shucked the beans” or “peeled the 'taters” but I am not sure that our generation is always empowered to do so by our jam packed schedules. Perhaps getting away is the only way to really “get away” from our lives and reflect…..

  9. I think you are so onto something here! When I finally started setting aside some time, space and moments for myself, my overwhelmed meter became relatively balanced. It is surprising what even ten minutes can do for your day. Glad you paused.

  10. Ooh, a beautiful quote and a wonderful reminder! I love all the “pauses” you described and this is definitely something I have needed lately. I will try to “pause” more often in these last few crazy weeks of school!

  11. I've had some feelings myself about pausing – and they've been poised on the tip of my tongue – or should I say pencil – getting ready to post. Your entry gives me “pause” – I've got some more thinking to do.

  12. Love the quote — so true, right? I was thinking about that tonight that life is always so, so busy and we need to be happy in the moment. Thank you for the reminder. What a special day you had full of moments of happy!!!

  13. It is ironic to me that what we all need, crave – time to enjoy life and be happy- is so hard to “allow” ourselves to set aside time for. Good for you for both recognizing that you needed it and also finding a way to make it happen!

  14. I am definitely anticipating a pause as well, but will have to push on through until grades are due. Thanks for sharing; your slice really got me thinking…

  15. This quote is so very true. We need to take a step back and see where we've been and be thankful for all we have. Thanks for this reminder.