{discover.play.build.} take a walk.

This week I was out walking and a character popped into my mind. I walk past this farm many times each week. It’s been showing up in my notebook a lot lately, and I’ve been thinking about the kinds of people who could live on a farm like the one I walk past. I’ve been asking myself What if…What if…What if…

So I began to dream about the kinds of people who may live there. I walked and thought. Walked some more and said What if…some more. When I returned home, I couldn’t get to my notebook fast enough. I had to capture some of my thoughts in my notebook.

I’m realizing the thinking that comes during walks (or runs or bike rides) is some of the best for me as a writer. I’m learning to slow down and let the story work itself out. Today I was watching a video of Mo Willems. He talked about how it takes awhile for his characters to develop. He’s constantly working on new characters. His next book is the one where the characters are ready.

{Develop. Play. Build.} Challenge
Take some time to walk around outside. Dream a little. Imagine What if… Look around and wonder. Fill your brain with possibilities and then come home and crack open your notebook. Let me know what you discover.

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  1. When I am walking there is nothing else to do but think, so of course that mental composing always sounds brilliant to me. I carry my phone so I can take a picture to help my memory when I get home or stop and add a few words to the notes section on the phone. it's great when you can be free of distractions and focus on your thoughts.