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Category: challenge

No More Searching for Lows

  Too many weeks have passed since I’ve joined Holley Gerth and friends for Coffee for Your Heart. I’m grateful to pour a little encouragement today. You can join too (or fill up on encouragement) by clicking here. We play High/Low at dinner time. Each person shares their high from the day and their low from the day. I’ve been noticing the lows of the day tend to be first-world problems…They served macaroni and cheese with green beans for lunch…My Lego car broke when it fell off the counter…Kate chewed… Read more No More Searching for Lows

Too Much

It’s too much. Sometimes life gets to be too much. Then someone, well-intentioned, trying to offer encouragement and support says, “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” If… Read more Too Much