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Category: challenge

{} take a walk.

This week I was out walking and a character popped into my mind. I walk past this farm many times each week. It’s been showing up in my notebook a lot lately, and I’ve been thinking about the kinds of people who could live on a farm like the one I walk past. I’ve been asking myself What if…What if…What if… So I began to dream about the kinds of people who may live there. I walked and thought. Walked some more and said What if…some more. When I returned… Read more {} take a walk.

52 day challenge: accept

I knew early in the week what I would be recording today for the 52 Day Challenge. Q: What is mine to do? A: Accept. I need to accept that I will make mistakes, that I won’t get everything done, and that it is okay. For instance, this week I: Forgot to turn in my mileage. Showed up at the wrong school to lead professional development for our late arrival day. The school I needed to be at was nearly 30 minutes away. (Really, it’s remarkable I’ve not done this… Read more 52 day challenge: accept

behind the comments (soLs)

Words have power. A power all of their own. A power like no other. Words can heal giggle love admire strike fake encourage please ponder Power. I want to tap this power during the Slice Challenge. Not just in the writing I do here, but more importantly in the   comments I leave for others. I’m humbled that people trust Stacey and me enough to start a blog, to join the challenge, to document pieces of their lives. How can I show the slicing community how much they mean to… Read more behind the comments (soLs)

little things: writing process

If you follow me on Two Writing Teachers as a teacher, you know I’ve been thinking quite a bit about helping young writers find their own personal writing process. The more I write, the more I realize how personal my writing process is. I’m realizing if students can personalize it for themselves as well, then they will become more proficient writers. The flip side of the coin is there are some things that all writers do. This is how the phases of the writing process were developed. All writers collect… Read more little things: writing process