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Category: challenge

Too Much

It’s too much. Sometimes life gets to be too much. Then someone, well-intentioned, trying to offer encouragement and support says, “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” If… Read more Too Much

Put Out Into Deep {Coffee for Your Heart}

I’ve been thinking about Peter, the fisherman. Do you know how he moved on from being the fisherman? I like to imagine that it was at the end of an ordinary fishing day, although it might have been a bad day. His boat was empty and he was washing his nets when Jesus asked him to take him out on the water, a little ways from the land. Peter did and Jesus taught the crowd from the boat. When he finished speaking, he said to Peter, “Put out into deep… Read more Put Out Into Deep {Coffee for Your Heart}

Five Minute Friday {Ready}

{Go} So there’s been this burden on my heart to share my faith and family stories to bring hope and encouragement to women. Sometimes I like to ignore this kind of thing. Especially when it takes me out of my comfort zone. You know, my writing life used to be so succinct. It was easy. I co-founded a blog that grew to thousands of readers each day. A book deal came from the blog. And then it was like my whole writing life was shaken. Nothing made sense. I walked… Read more Five Minute Friday {Ready}