No More Searching for Lows


Too many weeks have passed since I’ve joined Holley Gerth and friends for Coffee for Your Heart. I’m grateful to pour a little encouragement today. You can join too (or fill up on encouragement) by clicking here.

We play High/Low at dinner time. Each person shares their high from the day and their low from the day. I’ve been noticing the lows of the day tend to be first-world problems…They served macaroni and cheese with green beans for lunch…My Lego car broke when it fell off the counter…Kate chewed my favorite sock…The football was put up at lunch recess.

I’ve been rethinking the game. We are too blessed to focus on these lows. If it’s a low day, we don’t need a game to figure it out. Maybe we should call it High/Not-too-Shabby and share the best part and the not-so-bad part of each day. Another option is Amazing/Chose Better and we could focus on the most ah-mazing part of the day and a time we could have made a better choice. What about Celebrate/Encourage? There would be space to think about a celebration from the day and a person we encouraged.

If we want to see how good God is, then it begins with what we notice. If we’re searching for lows, we’re going to miss the not-too-shabby and the ah-mazing and the encouragement. We’re going to miss seeing the celebration.

It’s not a risk I’m willing to take. There will be no more searching for lows at our dinnertime.  Living a life of celebration starts with what we notice. Notice lows and get grumbles. Notice chances to choose better and get celebration.

It’s a small change that will make a big difference.

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