Why keep writing here?

I’ve been asking myself this quite often these days:

Why keep writing here?

Why keep blogging? Why keep clacking words? Why keep collecting stories in this space instead of a scrapbook?

On happenstance, I came across these words from Ann Voskamp  in her introduction on her blog

… but honestly?   the only words that really matter?
Are the ones I live.
This convicts me.
I keep writing it out here everyday, the words I am seeking to live — about this wondrously messy, everyday-holy life….

Heat flowed through my heart and out the tips of my fingers. The fingers that itched to clack  stories to drop into an endless sea of stories floating on waves of Wi-Fi. 

These are the words that really matter. The ones I beat out when I don’t have energy to weave a story and the ones I let loose so my soul finds truth and the ones I tug because they sting.

I’ll keep writing here because this is where the stories are raw. Without the raw stories, I don’t want to craft anything else.

I’ll keep writing here in order to keep stepping on a journey that is authentic. Without an authentic journey, I don’t want to craft anything else.

I’ll keep writing here in order to keep my heart humble and grace evident. It is here, with humility and grace that anything else I might craft will be found.

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