Notice {Five Minute Friday}


The world notices Jesus. Even when we’re busy, doing things that make us happy, taking care of all the things that need done, making the most of life, finding ourselves, posting on Facebook, tweeting that, instagraming this, the world still notices Light.

It is a shine that cannot be hidden, cannot be covered, cannot be dimmed.

I’ve wrestled with learning to live with rapid obedience and radical faith, while trying to stay out of the shine. It’s impossible. People will always notice the lights of the world.

Humility is not about living in the shadows, but living bold and radical. The world will notice. I  check if pride is festering in my heart by whether the world notices me or the good work of Jesus. When the One who gives Light and makes us shine is glorified, then I know my heart is pure and my work is good.


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