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Dennis is home! It is remarkable the way good news keeps pouring onto Andy’s dad. One week after being buried by thousands of pounds of dirt and airlifted to the hospital, Dennis returned home without surgeries. He has a long road of recovery ahead, but remains blessed by God. Prayer is powerful.


Last week we celebrated Kendall’s baby with a little shower. Kendall and Jasmine are in the photo and the one thing that pink frame matches is the pink bow on the baby’s ultrasound picture (taken the day before the shower). You may remember the story of how Kendall, Jasmine, & I became unlikely friends. Now, seven months later, I am experiencing the freedom of friendship and the truth that God often knows better than I do about what I need.

I like this month of gratitude. Since we’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve found myself slowing down and focusing on the season of gratitude instead of rolling it all up in with Christmas joy. I keep reminding myself not to be envious of those who already have out their Christmas decorations. I’m trusting that the wait will be blessed and Decorating Day will be very sweet.

Colby and I talked about teaching writers today via Skype. This is a worthy celebration.

Grocery shopping. I cannot even believe that grocery shopping made my celebration list. Even more amazing is that this celebration isn’t how Andy does our grocery shopping (because he does and I love this very much about him). Rather, it is actually grocery shopping that I did (and will do). Monday Jay and I traipsed down the aisles together. We had fun. Tomorrow, armed with a Thanksgiving dinner shopping list, I will be hitting the aisles again. I’m looking forward to this time of preparation.

Can’t wait to see how you are finding joy in your ordinary days.


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  1. Always exciting when your loved one can come home to get better. A long road to recovery is a gift that we learned about and also one that will create many more celebrations. Hope to see you at NCTE in Washington this week.

  2. I'm so thankful that your father in law is healing! Prayer is powerful! Number 2 made me smile. My calling feels so different, I don't know why, but I don't connect with traditional “women's ministry.” At all. The women in my life are such a blessing, your celebration nudges me to call them and share that. Thank you for continuing to provide this space to share our celebrations!

  3. Wonderful celebrations. all around. Happy to hear about your father-in-law, wow how scary! And I can believe in grocery shopping. There is some therapy in just exploring.

  4. Ruth, thank you for sharing how fragile and fleeting life is but that there is celebration in the small blessings. I hope to meet up with you face to face at NCTE next week.

  5. I am so glad that your father-in-law is improving. What a scary and stressful time that must have been. I am not a big shopping fan either, but do have a few special trips in my memories. So glad that you are able to glory in the season of thanks. 🙂

  6. So thankful that your father-in-law is healing. How awful. I loved your celebration of shopping. It's the little things that matter.

  7. Hi, i am glad to your father-in-law is doing better. I will continue to pray for him. I am going to wait until the first weekend in Decomber to put my tree. I like having a family gathering to decorate the tree. I love Thanksgiving and want to make sure I use this season of Thanks to express my love for him. Thanks for sharing.