writing all birthday long

Here are the birthday plans we made:

Andy would pick me up at the airport and then we’d spend the afternoon together, probably in a bookstore and an ice cream shop. I would buy a new notebook since my current one is almost filled. We would go home and order steaks from our favorite local bar that grills them over charcoal. We’d eat at home and then he’d watch baseball and I’d write. And (get this) we are kid-less until Saturday.

It’s like the perfect birthday plans, right?

Instead, I’ve been in the Detroit airport since 9:02 am.

I’ve had four fights cancelled.

Andy is still coming to pick me up at the airport…only he’s driving a bit farther than expected. We aren’t spending time in book stores or ice cream shops and I probably won’t buy a new notebook today (although I do have my eye on a new coffee mug, since Franki said I should go shopping). And I’ve spent the day writing.

That’s not so bad for a birthday, right?

Here’s the view from here —

It’s all about making the best of things. I can’t control weather and airplane maintenance and flight cancellations. I can control my attitude. And I’m kinda happy I get to spend the day writing and reading and walking and meeting new people. (Plus I’ve decided to look at this birthday as one year past 35 as opposed to four years from 40.)

Life is good. And in a few hours will be much better since I’ll be sitting beside Andy on the almost four hour drive home. Hey, maybe we’ll even stop for ice cream!

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  1. Sorry, but I found that airport was a nice one (last week) at least. And you're right, a day to read & write is awesome! Happy, happy birthday, Ruth!

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm sorry about your flights, but I am grateful for your presentations and insights you provided yesterday at the Penn State Institute!

  3. I loved the tunnels with the lights too! And I walked them twice because they changed the gate. You've definitely taken lemons and made lemonade! Be sure to celebrate your birthday tomorrow.

  4. You didn't mention it was your birthday–unless that tidbit was lost to my ears due to my cell phone's lousy connection at the lake. You are just going to have to learn to SHINE more loudly sometimes! Happy, Happy Birthday! You are always living an adventure, so it is appropriate that your year begin with one!

  5. So on this day after your adventure I get the message there is a post. So happy belated birthday! I love the way you can choose your outlook, I will do my best to follow your lead. By the time you see this all the kids will be home and needing a bit of “mom-time.” I hope you did get some ice cream on your day.