i’ve gotta slice (soLs)

Being a writer is mostly about developing a habit. Talk to any writer and then another and you’ll find those habits are all different. Some write in the morning. Others write through the night. Some write daily. Others take breaks. But all writers have habits.

Writing a slice on Tuesdays is one of my writing habits. There are occasional Tuesdays when it doesn’t happen…but those are usually for unpredictable reasons. On a regular Tuesday, I slice. Even if it’s not an official Slice of Life Tuesday.

I’m excited to know there are other writers who have attached to this habit of writing a slice each week. It’s a powerful habit. It might seem like it’s not much — writing a few words each week. But look  back over the course of a few weeks and we find it is significant.

I need to remind myself of this when it comes to other writing habits. Many of them feel insignificant to me. A few minutes for notebook work each day. Three to five blog posts a week. A few hundred words each day on a YA project. Crossing off the final projects for Celebrating Writers. Writing a few pages about our adoption journey. I’ve been writing less lately. But it’s still significant.

And Tuesdays are significant as well. Especially this Tuesday. Because it proves I’m a writer, simply because I have habits established to help me lead the life of a writer.

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  1. Yep–slicing is a habit. I woke up at 5:30 this morning with a slice running through my head. So even though it isn't an official slice Tuesday, I'll have a post up soon! My internet was down at home or it would be up already.

    Enjoy your “vacation”. I'll read you next Tuesday (or whenever you write again)


  2. This is my habit and I'm sticking to it. I plan on slicing for Tuesdays…Thanks for inspiring this habit Ruth! I couldn't have done it without you!

  3. Some habits I should break (diet cherry Dr. Pepper) and some I shouldn't (posting a Tuesday slice). Your words have brought out the writer who's been buried in me. Thanks for bringing it out!

  4. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on habits specifically related to the life as a writer. Happy slicing! I just might have to go write a slice as well because I have had one in my mind, so it will be better to write it now, rather than waiting for next week.

  5. I agree with you- writers have habits that help them to write, and also with everyone else- thanks for helping us to develop those habits. My computer has been in the shop, so I haven't posted for the past two weeks, but I just finished my post for tonight. Writers have to write!

  6. I couldn't let Tuesday pass without a slice. This is a brand new habit for me and one I want to keep. I never dreamed that I would actually be successful at writing every day during March.

  7. Ruth,
    I have to say that joining the Slice of Life Challenge this year was the perfect way for me to get back in the writing habit. I then continued this month with a poem a day. The writing isn't all that impressive, but getting in the habit is the beginning of the journey. I'm not sure what I will do at the end of the month of April. Putting writing out every day for others to read isn't easy. It's not always ready — who am I kidding, it's never really ready. Thanks to you and Stacey I know I will at least continue on Tuesdays. It's been fun to see how many people posted today even though it isn't an “official” day. Thanks, Ruth.


  8. Thanks for the new habit. I really am going to be asking my summer graduate students to write slice about twice a week…so I need to keep putting my 'money where my mouth is' every week. The one thing that our kids face and we don't is evaluation with a teacher made tool…which I've been doing so much thinking about lately…and thought of someone looking at my writing with a rubric is pretty upsetting to me. I'm wondering what PARCC will be coming up with. xo nanc