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I’m glad you are here to celebrate! For more information, check out the CELEBRATE This Week page. Here’s my quick little list: One. While trying to organize my thoughts and learning from NCTE, I made a list of people at the conference who impacted my thinking. There were over 30 names on the list and people from 18 different states. I love that I’m connected to a diverse group of professionals who help me see what’s possible when it comes to helping kids become stronger readers and writers. I’ll be… Read more CELEBRATE This Week VII

Caught Up

Today I kept running the vacuum and running the washer and running dish water. I was determined to get caught up. It didn’t happen. But I did hand write a note.And I did call my grandma and my parents and my brother-in-law.And I did sit down and visit with my brother and sister-in–law. The Legos never stayed contained and books are still balanced on the arms of chairs and foot stools and under the Christmas tree. The laundry is still in baskets and the stove still needs scrubbed. But I… Read more Caught Up


Sam turned seven. Will I ever light his candles and not wonder how the year went so fast? Will I ever not stand in disbelief about how much he’s changed? Seven Things I Hope I Never Forget He loves to read. He reads every day. He loves almost everything — nonfiction, fantasy, mystery, poetry, realistic fiction…if he can open the cover, he likes to read it. He builds Lego creations with surprising detail and precision. He prefers to make his own designs. This week he performed Lego Episodes for me… Read more seven