Caught Up

Today I kept running the vacuum and running the washer and running dish water. I was determined to get caught up.

It didn’t happen.

But I did hand write a note.
And I did call my grandma and my parents and my brother-in-law.
And I did sit down and visit with my brother and sister-in–law.

The Legos never stayed contained and books are still balanced on the arms of chairs and foot stools and under the Christmas tree. The laundry is still in baskets and the stove still needs scrubbed.

But I did listen to a live performance by two boy drummers and I was a judge for an American Girl Doll fashion show.
And I snuggled on the couch for two movies.
And I dished too many scoops of ice cream.

I’m still not caught up.
I’ve decided I don’t care.
Because being caught up is a myth anyway.
And I prefer real life.

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  1. What Carol said. Plus, judging an American Girl fashion show is something I never get to do anymore, and I miss.
    PS. So good to finally meet you at NCTE, Ruth!

  2. I believe I always will have that feeling of trying to be caught up, but you're right, I would never turn down the fashion show, the movies, scooping ice cream.

  3. Love this post. I've spent way too much time trying to get caught up. I'm going to keep these words close to my heart – “I prefer real life.”