Sam turned seven. Will I ever light his candles and not wonder how the year went so fast? Will I ever not stand in disbelief about how much he’s changed?

Seven Things I Hope I Never Forget
  1. He loves to read. He reads every day. He loves almost everything — nonfiction, fantasy, mystery, poetry, realistic fiction…if he can open the cover, he likes to read it.
  2. He builds Lego creations with surprising detail and precision. He prefers to make his own designs. This week he performed Lego Episodes for me while I cooked dinner. There’s an entire set (several, in fact) where the Lego mini figures perform their TV show.
  3. We have “Mom and Sam Time” almost every Saturday morning. During this time we snuggle on the couch, reading and writing, then watching Lionel TV shows and eventually playing iPad.
  4. He loves chocolate chip cookies. This makes me love to make chocolate chip cookies.
  5. Once again he appears to be the glue that is bonding the family. He is helping Jordan find his place in our family.
  6. Instead of having a birthday party this year, Sam wanted to invite his friend Garen to the “grown up” party. (Garen is a grown up.) Sam and Garen love trains, so he wants Garen to come over to play trains. “I think Papa and Garen will get along well,” he said. He’s been working on his train layout all week to get ready for the party.
  7. He carries my coffee out to the car each weekday morning. He calls himself “coffee boy” and makes sure I don’t forget it.
Seven. Each year I hug him as I tuck him in bed on his birthday and hug the “older” boy as tightly as possible. I always think how much I’m going to miss the previous age, how much I loved the age he was. Once again, I find myself thinking I’m going to miss six. Finally I’m beginning to realize it’s not just about missing on age, but falling in love with another. I’m willing to bet that seven is going to be a very good age.

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  1. I love your thoughts on falling in love with a new age, rather than missing the old one. What a great way to think about it! I need to remember this for my daughter and even myself!! Great post! He sounds like a neat little guy.

  2. Gretchen said the words I wanted to say, Ruth. Embracing that new age is what it's all about, I agree, yet the years do travel so swiftly, don't they? Sam sounds like a very wonderful young boy, and he'll just be a wonderful seven too. Happy Birthday to him!

  3. Wishing Sam and you much happiness in the year ahead. May it be a year of richest blessings. And like Gretchen and Linda, I love the idea of falling in love with the new age, instead of mourning the old one…

  4. Sam sounds amazingly like my grandson, B (sorry for initial. Parents prefer it this way). I have a feeling they would be great friends. And, while you will miss 6, the years coming to you are amazing. Relish each moment ( I love that you share Saturday mornings) and make lots of chocolate chip cookies!

    By the way. I just have to tell you. Each and every one of your post lately have brought tears to my eyes and JOY to my heart. Keep writing. Every (almost) day!