reading thieves

Reading Thieves

I love this view from our breakfast table last week. I look at it and giggle a little, because, really, who has mornings like this?  And why am I the lucky one?

We had a school delay, so they wanted hot tea. This just made them stay at the table longer, each absorbed in a different story world.

I’m glad they have found the magic of reading. Life is better this way. I hope they find friends between the pages…and facts about the world. Mostly though, I hope they learn to understand themselves and others because they read.

The challenge will be to keep them reading. How will they keep loving words when they are swamped with homework and sports and work schedules? How will they crave stories when they are keeping up with friends and planning for the future?

I’m hoping the answer is the same as the way they became readers in the first place: access to books and time stolen for reading.

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  1. Love, love, love this picture! So fun to see all of them totally engrossed in books! Can't help but wonder what they are reading! I wasn't successful keeping my boys reading in high school, and so far they have not returned to it. I hope they will someday!

  2. “And why am I the lucky one?”

    There is no mistake here. Not luck, really. No, this is by design. You are blessed because you are meant to be blessed. You play a large role in your life blessings because you listen to your higher purpose. You act when you are called to act.

    Soak up these moments and don't worry about the future–these kids are growing up with hearts filled with story (theirs, yours, and those crafted by artisans), there is nothing sweeter.

  3. Here's the reading list…
    Stephanie = Edward Tulane (she finished it on Saturday morning)
    Hannah = Libba of High Hopes (a horse story I'm sure I'll be sharing)
    Sam = I forget…he reads them so fast. Either Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets or Toppling.
    Jordan = Harry Potter#2

  4. Four now around the table, just room enough for you and Andy–perfect. They will remember reading together. So glad there are so many good books out there.

  5. I think they might veer to other things because they need those in their lives too, but you've started them in this lifelong habit, & they'll return. My kids did! Love your picture Ruth. Thanks for sharing such a sweet moment.

  6. Thank you for sharing these sweet intimate moments of your family. I love the way you write so honestly and from the heart…

  7. This is the most impressive photo ever. Thank you for showing us your family. I love reading your posts and rarely say anything, but each time I see your name in my inbox I think of your children, your busy schedule, and how you make time for those you love. You're truly an inspiration to mothers, teachers, and writers like me.