energy for today

Andy smiles as I stir awake. The alarm sounds hours after I prefer. I groan, because of the disappointment of missing my bedtime and needing the sleep to restore. “Don’t worry,” he says, “We have the whole day.”

Sam’s footsteps on the steps make me smile, but not as much as the way he runs from the doorway to me, flinging himself onto the couch in a full hug. He giggles. It restores my soul.He jumps down, picks three books off of the shelf and tosses them on the couch beside me. Then we make chocolate milk together. Snuggling under the blanket, piling the books on our laps, he says, “I love you, Mom.”
Stephanie’s eyes sparkle, her red hair springs around her face. She grasps her book, Edward Tulane, in both hands and thrusts it above her head. “I finished!” she exclaims. Her energy wraps around me, making me smile. “This book is awesome. It shows how Edward Tulane learned to love in different families. The he made it back to his real family and loved even better. It’s like me.”
Hannah pulls on her dress boots, completely dressed in the early hours of Saturday morning, ready for a music competition. She stands, dressed in my belt and scarf. She looks too old, pretty instead of little-girl cute. I tell her she looks good. The words matter to her, she smiles and says, “I like dressing like you.”
Jordan bounces into the room, sleep around his eyes and mouth. He climbs on top of me, hugging me almost-too-tight around the neck. His eyes shine, he swipes at the corner of his mouth, and says, “I slept good. I always sleep good now that I’m home.”
A friend sends a small text. It turns into a phone call. Her voice and insight helps me know it is a new day. She says, “You wrote the truth with honesty and kindness. There is nothing wrong with that.”
These small moments transform me. I do not mistake them for ordinary. Instead they are blessings tailored to chase away the disappointment and lingering effects of the demands of yesterday. I don’t like to think about how easy they are to miss. I don’t want to think about how my energy for today could have been depleted from dwelling in yesterday. I believe we are each given enough energy for the day. It is important I spend it on today and not worrying about yesterday or what might come tomorrow. The moments matter, grounding me, blessing me, and building my energy and love and joy for today.

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  1. Wonderful Saturday morning, Ruth–love and books. I think you've started writing another kind of book–of truth, honesty, and kindness to say the least?

  2. This is a positively fantabulous Saturday morning. You retold it well, with love, with significance. I'm glad Saturday morning enveloped you with cheer. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I loved reading the two slices you wrote this morning together. When I started this one, I paused to follow the link to the earlier one before coming back to this. I am glad that you are moving past the disappointment you felt initially (and especially enjoyed the sentence you wrote to capture this). Here's to a great Saturday!

  4. Love your wisdom – “I believe we are each given enough energy for the day. It is important I spend it on today and not worrying about yesterday or what might come tomorrow.” So true. The beautiful moments – blessings – that you have noted about each member of your family are truly lovely. A gift for all of us!!

  5. Each person of your family connects with you, because you allow them to be the best they can be. Such sweet words from Jordan and Hannah. Stephanie's heart was touched by Edward (as was mine). Sam knows mom is there. Andy is wise. I hope your day continued to restore your soul.

  6. A delightful post! Your thoughtful descriptions of each child show how much love is in your family. I'm glad that you are taking some time to recharge and relish those joyful little moments!

  7. What a contrast between the two days. A new day, a fresh start, and a wonderful one as you described, lets you move on. I'm glad for you. I hope that the whole family enjoyed the rest of the day.

  8. Ah–new day. Glad to hear today got off to a good start. Andy's comment about not worrying, that we have the whole day is the sort of thing I need to tell myself. Often. 🙂
    Hope tomorrow is just as good!

  9. Your reflections and your talent to put your thoughts into words is amazing. I'm so glad that your family and friends provided you the energy for the day. We need that. We can't do it on our own. Honestly, all I can say is that you shine – and that shining spreads to everyone that you touch with your words, near and far.

    Tell Stephanie that I just finished Edward Tulane too and LOVED it! I was so hoping for the “happy ending” and I wasn't sure it was going to happen. What amazing insights she had as well – wow! Love the connection she made with finding her real family and the love that pours out.

  10. I certainly needed this today, although I know I'm a day late reading yours. Yesterday was not an easy one, & more happened than saying goodbye. Thanks for this, Ruth-so glad you had that phone call; it helped you, & then all of us!

  11. I think Jordan speaks for all your kids when he says, “I slept good. I always sleep good now that I'm home.” Those words brought tears to my eyes.

    Be kind to yourself.