dear sleep

Dear Sleep,

I like you. You take the big problems of the day, fold them during the night, and show me them in the morning as they actually are: insignificant. You fortify me from germs, saving me from sickness. You protect me from stress. You wrap me in perspective. You restore me.

Thank you,

In January I collected this quote from Julie Ackerman —

What God accomplishes in our bodies while we drift off to dreamland is nothing short of miraculous. While we do nothing, God replenishes our energy, rebuilds and restores our cells, and reorganizes information in our brains. 

I’m sometimes tempted to believe the work I do while I’m awake is more important than the work God does while I sleep. but refusing God’s gift of sleep is like telling Him that my work is more important than His.

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  1. Words to take to heart. The quote is breathtaking- refusing God's gift of sleep is like telling Him that my work is more important than His.

  2. yes, it is sleep I look to to bring a new view on the world. It is always best to wait until morning to make decisions. So important to let the powers of the world help restore us! Thanks for the post and the quote.

  3. A truly sound sleep is special. Your post makes me think about a topic that emerges from time to time–how many people ever truly get to lay their head down at night without some kind of stress or worry?

    I think the last time many people have that is when they are like…six.

  4. Love the letter you wrote. The quote made it much more serious but what fun it could be to write a series of letters to sleep since sometimes it doesn't come so easily and other times it comes when you don't want it to!

  5. I never thought of it that way – that refusing to sleep is like telling God my work is more important. That's powerful. Night night! (God has work to do!)

  6. I love this Ruth! I sometimes need to be reminded to take care of myself by going to sleep. I think the quote is a perfect reminder. Well done!

  7. A good slice to read as I keep reading slices instead of grading that stack of quizzes so that I can get to bed soon. Night, night!

  8. I've often wondered just why it is we require so much sleep, why we can't possibly have more hours to get things done, and yet as you out it, it makes so much sense. Sleep is good for our soul….lights out for me!