the lowest form of learning (soLs)

W hy do they
O rder too many
R eaders to
K ill time filling in
S paces with mindless compliancy? Do they
H ope students will magically
E xcel and someday
E xperience joy and
T rue
S uccess?


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  1. Sometimes I worry that educational systems support worksheet teaching. Too many administrators don't understand the power of workshop teaching (nor the evils of worksheet teaching).

    I hope that as you question the use of archaic teaching methods that involve worksheets you are also owning all you have done (and continue to do) to strengthen teaching in classrooms across the world.

  2. I don't understand why others in charge do not know why they keep spending money to pay for programs that don't work. And then they blame the teachers. It is so frustrating to hear. Thanks for putting it all down so poetically, ironically too.

  3. It's interesting that you noticed the “safety” of this poem. I've been wanting to write it for a while and finally this seemed like the place, time, and genre to do it.

  4. Every teacher I know rails against worksheets.
    My daughter spent an hour's homework time filling in worksheets.
    How do we better practice our beliefs?

  5. What a powerful response to a topic that has been nagging away on my soul for a looooooooooooong time. At my Orientation Meeting for parents for the past several year I say, “Have you ever known a worksheet to make you smarter?” I am horrified that at this point in the 21st century we have peers who continue to rely on worksheets…why? Where is rigor? What messages are we sending our students? WHY are there teachers who continue to send home PACKETS of worksheets as homework. WHEN will we talk honetly about this as a community of learners?