ivy + bean book seven giveaway

I love that Annie Barrows is a favorite author around our house. I think it’s important to have favorite authors. (Speaking of which, I’m going to listen to one of mine speak tomorrow!)

Here’s to week seven of Ivy + Bean!

If you want a chance to be in the running for the grand prize giveaway from Chronicle Books, leave a comment here for a chance to receive…
And don’t forget to make plans for the first official Ivy + Bean Day in October!

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  1. This is such a fabulous book. Annie Barrows has become one of our favorite authors, too. She is such a great writer and an inspiration to little girls!

    Thanks again! Erin G.

    Galvingutierrez AT Juno DOT com

  2. Ruth,
    My daughters and I are so excited about Ivy and Bean day. We had a copy of this book, but they were motivated by the global warming theme, and gave it away to a friend after they'd read it. Looking forward to a chance to read it again and then pass it along to another little girl!

  3. I also think it is important to have favorite authors. I have realized that for me that always has to be plural. When someone asks who my favorite is, I just can't narrow it down. It depends on the type of writing. I have favorite children's book authors, middle grade authors, YA authors, adult fiction authors, professional authors… So even if there isn't one favorite author, I think it is important to have that sense of connection and excitement about authors. I love it both in my classroom and at home with the girls. Right now in my class students are anxiously awaiting the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid release, as well as Rick Riordan's latest. A group of girls are loving Maya Gold's Cinderella Cleaners and only wish there were more. Kids have been book talking books and adding them to our top picks shelf. I always love to hear about their excitement.

  4. These books look adorable…& I'm embarrassed to say I have not read any of these books. I have so many books stacked up on the edge of my couch that I need to read. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can add these to my “couch collection” 🙂