giveaway week 5

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The book goes to…

I just checked out two more from our school library, and now I just need some little kids to share them. They are fun!
Mini notes to…
I tend to relate to bookish characters, so maybe a bookish set of twins? 🙂

Thanks for hosting this celebration!

My 6 year old is Bean, always a little mischief. My 8 year old is ivy always planning and making lists! We love ivy and bean!
Erin G
These girls are so dynamic and fun! The books create such great dialog with my first grader, too.

Thanks for the giveaway!
Send me an email with your mailing address. Please include week 5 giveaway and the item you are receiving. This makes it a little easier on my end. And remember, if you don’t email me, you won’t get your giveaway, nor be entered in the grand prize giveaway. (You may want to check week four giveaway because no one has responded yet!)

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