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i will push SEND (soLs)

Nearly one year ago I began writing a YA fiction story. Something I’ve learned about writing fiction is to avoid back story as much as possible. Right now, though, I’m going to record some of the back story to my writing adventure. After Stacey and I submitted our completed manuscript of Day by Day I felt this need to write. It was like I couldn’t just stop. Stacey wasn’t ready to jump into a new project and my editor kind of chuckled and said, “Let’s finish Day by Day first.”… Read more i will push SEND (soLs)

ebb & flow

I’ve come to believe with all things creative there is an ebb and flow. I try to ride the tide when it is available and not worry so much when it ebbs. Sometimes, though, I wonder if I’m doing a good job balancing everything that I want to balance. I like to do a lot of creative things. Things I want to do. Things I’ve deemed important. Sometimes when one flows, the others ebb and I wonder if I’m going to be sorry later in life. But life isn’t meant to… Read more ebb & flow

{} long-term relationships

I’ve been thinking about what I know about Andy now that I didn’t know when we got married twelve years ago. He has more compassion for the underdog than I ever believed was possible. He is fiercely loyal to his family. He works hard because he cares about a job well done. A fifteen minute nap + a shower wipes away all stress, frustration, and grouchiness. It is magic. He likes to make people feel good about themselves. It makes me realize there’s a rhythm to relationships when we’ve been… Read more {} long-term relationships