i am so blessed.

In the past two weeks I know people who have been having a hard time.

  • A mother was checked into a behavioral health hospital because life is too overwhelming for her.
  • A marriage is unraveling.
  • A home was broken into, valuables stolen.
  • A man was diagnosed with cancer and will have surgery.
  • A child had seizures and the doctors don’t know why or if it will happen again.
  • A high school senior’s boyfriend cheated on her. She was the last to know.
  • A son went to jail.
  • A single mom lost her electricity.
  • A father died.
And I sit here embarrassed by the things that have been hard for me in the past couple of weeks.
  • Returning homework to the backpack as soon as it’s finished (not when I find it on the counter while cleaning up dinner).
  • Exercising at 9:00 pm.
  • People misunderstanding what I say or do — or the silliest of all — my expressions or gestures during a meeting or conversation.
  • Finding time to respond to email.
  • A flopped dessert.
  • Getting up the next morning after staying up reading or scrapbooking or writing.
  • Organizing and putting away the massive amount of books filling our house.
  • Putting laundry in the washer, then the drier, then the closets.
  • Keeping up with the teachers who are excited about working together in writing workshop.
These are the hard things in my life.
Someone needs to slap me the next time I feel the need to complain or worry or crab.
And I realize life is all about a little ebb and flow. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s harder. Sometimes it’s easier. And sometimes it’s really good. 
I’m in the midst of a really good wave. 
Thankful to recognize it.
Anxious to use the opportunity to find ways to make life easier for others.
It’s about being blessed in order to be a blessing to others.

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  1. More than once I have been in a similar situation, wanting to complain and then realizing that I have so much to be thankful for. Then again you have to let the little frustrations out too to be able to continue feeling happy.
    Thank you for this personal post.

  2. I'm happy that you have such seemingly small problems now. It's a great thing & you should feel blessed. But still at times we get tired and need support, even doing laundry! I like that you've noticed that others are more in crisis, and may need something from you. What a thoughtful way to look at your blessings.

  3. Nice reflective post, Ruth. It's so easy to get bogged down in the minutia of life, but good for you for being thankful, for being generous, and above all, serving those you encounter who need a little love.

    And, about that slice I just posted…I probably need a little slap too. 🙂


  4. You make me pause in my day to feel the “richness” of my life right now. I pray that heartache will stay away from each and everyone.

  5. Thanks for your thoughtful reflection! I feel like you do a lot — I get overwhelmed and stressed easily, but when I look at what's upsetting me, it's little things like those in your 2nd list! Then I feel ashamed when I remember that so many people are dealing with things like those in the first list! I'm glad you took the time to reflect on that and share it with us!

  6. Your initial list was sobering. I was already cringing inside as I scrolled down to the second list, knowing I would find myself there somewhere. Indeed I did, and now I find myself sharing your perspective. I think I will give a little more tomorrow and whine a whole lot less.

  7. Your problems are real to you. I understand, though, and I too am blessed. But don't let the guilt creep in. Just swap the attitude for gratitude, and keep the problems that are real to you in perspective.