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25 Reasons Why People Don’t Write & 25 Things To Do About It

Why People Don’t Write No ideas. No audience. No purpose. No desire. No vision. They think their writing isn’t good enough. The blank page…they don’t know how to get started. They don’t want to sound dumb. Lazy. Tired. Stressed. There’s too much to write about. There’s not enough to write about.  Other people are better writers. Not enough tenacity. Believe the lies the writing monsters tell them. No inspiration. No living, breathing writers in their daily lives. No feedback. Fear. Not enough time. Little understanding of Standard English. (Embarrassed to… Read more 25 Reasons Why People Don’t Write & 25 Things To Do About It

comment love

I am blessed by comments.  They have kept me blogging since I wrote my first blog post in March 2006. Little did I know seven and a half years ago how much I would be impacted by people across the globe. There is an internal struggle I have with comments, though. I’m not sure whether I should respond back. Sometimes I’m afraid if I respond to a list of comments I”ll come off as a big faker. I want to be genuine. Other times I’m concerned if I comment back… Read more comment love